Will you learn CPR in 2017?
There is an endless list of rationalizations and excuses for not learning and performing CPR.
There are also some VERY good reasons to learn and perform CPR!
Count the number of persons in your family and add to that the number of friends that you have. The sum equals the number of completely legitimate reasons for you to learn CPR. 

Steve Griffith, a retired teacher in Forestville, is a fairly easy person to make or buy gifts for.

At 66, Griffith is for good reason acutely grateful for everything he receives and for each moment with the people he loves. And those people are well aware that they needn’t try to come up with the greatest gift of his life; in he received it four months before Christmas of 2014.

On that hot August day, Griffith crumpled to the kitchen floor in sudden cardiac arrest. His son, Lewis, then 13, phoned 911 and described the crisis. The dispatcher asked if there were someone there who could commence CPR.

Lewis replied, “I can do that.”


Read the full story here: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/6465954-181/forestville-teen-who-saved-by?artslide=0

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