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AEDs for Dental Offices

Your patients trust you to provide safe and professional dental care. When an emergency strikes, their life hangs in the balance while your team works to provide critical lifesaving care. Empower your team with the training and tools they need to provide the most effective resuscitation care for your patients.

Experience You Can Trust

Code One Training Solutions and AED Team are recognized as industry experts when it comes to emergency care. In operation for over a decade, Code One trains thousands of people each year in lifesaving skills while AED Team implements dozens of new emergency equipment installations and manages a diverse portfolio of existing deployments. Our experience provides our clients with a unique advantage when it comes to emergency training, selecting an AED, and implementing a response plan.

When we consult with dental practices on training and AED placement, we generally include several recommendations on where the AED should be placed, how many AED units are needed, AED inspection plans and maintenance, and CPR training for dental office staff.


Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Package

$1,275 – Includes one new Philips HeartStart OnSite AED, pre-installed battery, pre-installed adult pads cartridge, wall-mount bracket, response kit, and 3-D sign.


Dental Office AED Recommendations

  • Use of an AED in the dental office setting is a low-frequency, high-risk procedure.
  • A plan should be in placed to inspect the AED on a monthly-basis at minimum.
  • AED should be placed in a centrally located, high-visibility, unobstructed area where it can be quickly accessed and delivered to any patient care area within 2 minutes.
  • Dental offices that are less than 4,000 square feet with patient treatment areas on a single story should have at least one AED on premises.
  • Dental offices larger than 4,000 square feet, with multiple buildings, or with patient treatment areas on multiple floors should determine response time for AED retrieval from furthest treatment room and consider additional AED units for response times greater than 2 minutes.


Dental Office CPR and AED Training

CPR training that integrates your AED ensures familiarity with equipment when it is needed for an emergency. Code One offers training programs that meet these requirements:



AED and CPR certification requirements vary y country, state, and locality. Please consult with your attorney for any specific laws or requirements that your practice must follow for a lawful AED deployment and for CPR training compliance.

Our AED and training recommendations are general guidelines for an AED program. Every setting is unique and may require additional considerations not listed here. Contact AED Team for expert consultation and client specific solutions.