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Offer Letter and Job Descriptions
Hiring Packet

Ensure that entire hiring packet is submitted:

Entire Packets:

  • Connecticut:
  • Georgia:
  • Massachusetts
  • South Carolina

Individual Pages:

  • Background Check Authorization:
  • Federal W4:
    • Complete boxes 8 and 10 (EIN is 20-8471227)
  • Federal I9:
    • Complete sections 2 and 3 after inspecting one document from List A OR one document from List B and one from List C (List of Acceptable Documents)
    • Scan the documents that were examined with application packet.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization (if direct deposit is requested by candidate)
  • Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook
    • Link to Employee Handbook:
  • State Specific Forms:
    • Connecticut Form CT-W4:
    • Georgia Form G-4:
    •  Massachusetts Form M-4:
    • South Carolina:  No additional forms required.