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Courses at Code One’s Training Centers

Courses conducted at Code One’s six training centers account for approximately 55% of overall course participants. Within this group, approximately 78% of clients register for courses independently and the remaining 22% attend courses as part of corporate agreements.

Companies that contract with Code One to provide training at Code One’s centers receive a volume discount on course fees and materials. Code One has the capability of opening additional training centers to service large and medium sized companies. Contact Owner/Director Richard Shok at for information on volume discounts.


Courses at Code One Training Centers

Private Courses at Client Locations

Approximately 20% of participants attend courses that are instructed at client locations. Code One has four travel teams that provide convenient on site classes at client locations. Clients within this classification are very diverse and include medical and dental offices, nursing homes, gyms, schools and colleges, daycare centers, hotels, and manufacturing businesses. The majority of these programs have 8 or less participants per class, however Code One’s travel teams are capable of running programs with 200 or more participants. Major clients within this classification include Philips, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, The Boeing Company, United Rentals, Inc. and United Services, Inc.

Companies receive discounted flat-rate pricing for their private on-site training programs. Code One provides consultation and estimates for companies considering private on-site training – click here to request this information.


Private Courses at Client Location

Courses Conducted by Independent Training Sites

The remaining 25% of participants receive training conducted at independent training sites affiliated with Code One’s Training Center.  At certain annual course participation levels it is more efficient for a business to train staff as instructors and conduct their own training in house.  Code One provides supervision and guidance to its aligned instructors.  Training sites are required to issue at least 50 certifications per year and maintain their own liability insurance coverage.

Code One has a variety of training sites including school districts, security companies, and healthcare facilities.  Major clients within this classification include the Dorchester County School District, Charleston County EMS, , Boston College EMS, and Wingate Healthcare.

For information on becoming a training site, please contact Owner/Director Richard Shok at


Independent Training Sites