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Professional Code of Conduct

Good Faith Conduct and Accountability: All teammates are expected to be truthful in their work, words, and actions. Teammates shall act in good faith and in alignment with company’s endeavors. This includes being familiar with and following Code One’s employee handbook, policies, procedures, and expectations. Teammates shall take responsibility for upholding the company’s standards and reputation for integrity.

Respect for the Rights and Dignity of Others: Code One is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and facilitation of an environment that fosters this goal. Central to that institutional commitment is the principle of treating others civilly and professionally. We value the safety, privacy, property, personal rights, and dignity of others.

We recognize that we must earn and maintain a reputation for integrity that includes compliance with laws and regulations. Even the appearance of misconduct or impropriety can be damaging to our brand. We must strive at all times to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Each teammate is expected to conduct their work with the utmost honesty, accuracy and fairness. Each situation needs to be examined in accordance with this standard. No unethical practice can be tolerated. Expediency should never compromise integrity.

Organization and Preparedness: Code One teammates are offered the opportunity to educate, inspire, and empower our students. Customer Experience is a key component in developing and maintaining a reputation for quality.

Our expectations for Customer Experience include:

  • Early Arrival: Teammates arriving early to classes (see Time of Arrival expectation) to prepare their classroom, equipment, and to greet participants when they arrive.
  • Professional Team and Environment: Teammates shall inspect their classroom and facilities upon arrival to ensure they are clean and adequately stocked for participants. Teammates shall wear the appropriate uniform for the program they are instructing. Teammates shall refrain from making unprofessional remarks or using profane language at all times. Teammates shall be committed and attentive to their classes – cell phones and computers should not be present during class and teammates should remain in the classroom with participants during class.
  • Taking Action: If equipment is broken or missing, if inventory supplies are low, or if there is anything that can be done to improve the Customer Experience, teammates shall notify their Team Leads so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve. Any equipment that is unsafe for use must be taken out of service immediately. If you see something, say something. Teammates are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their participants.
  • Mindfulness: Our appearance, conversations, gestures, and actions may be perceived by customers differently than we intend them to be. Please be mindful of how these may be perceived and ensure a professional and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • Conduct Outside of Work: Teammates are representatives of Code One even when they are not at work. Teammates shall act in the best interest of Code One at all times. Inappropriate and unprofessional conduct outside of work, including on social media websites, shall be grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of employment.
  • Adherence to Quality Standards: Teammates shall follow the appropriate lesson plans and course schedule for the course they are teaching. Teammates shall refrain from personal opinion and commentary on the programs that they are instructing.

In an effort to standardize the level of professional dependency, Code One has established the following expectations:

  • Time of arrival:
    • Teammates are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time in Enrollware for all classes regardless of the course being at Code One or at an off-site client location.
    • Coordination:  For courses requiring two or more instructors, the lead instructor shall coordinate all assistant instructors. This includes requesting assistant instructors to arrive earlier than 30 minutes for larger courses and to request that they bring any equipment needed to conduct the class.
    • Communication:  If a teammate expects to arrive later than the 30 minute window, they must immediately notify the Manager On Call at 860-786-1789 ext 99.
  • Attire:
    • Teammates are expected to wear appropriate, professional attire which includes a black Code One Training Solutions polo (request from Brian – We understand that special circumstances may arise, in which case an instructor may choose to wear business casual attire.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Any teammate unsure of appropriate course of action is advised to seek guidance from the Manager On Call or a member of the Administrative Team.

Fraternization:  Code One strongly discourages romantic or sexual relationships between teammates and students. No teammate shall pursue, have or maintain a romantic or sexual relationship with a student whom the employee is responsible for teaching, grading, advising or otherwise supervising.

In the event such a relationship exists, the involved employee shall report such relationship immediately to a member of the Administrative Team, who shall take appropriate steps consistent with this policy, including the removal of any reporting, grading, teaching, advising or similar relationships between the employee and the student.

Sexual Misconduct:  For purposes of professional discipline, the term “sexual misconduct” is interpreted very broadly. In addition to criminal offenses where the victim may or may not be a student, sexual misconduct includes any act or conduct directed towards a student of a romantic or sexual nature regardless of the age of the student. This includes any sexual, romantic or erotic contact with a student as well as any verbal, non-verbal, written or electronic communication or physical activity designed to establish a romantic or sexual relationship, including but not limited to:

  1. sexual or romantic invitations;
  2. dating or soliciting dates;
  3. engaging in sexualized dialogue;
  4. making suggestive comments;
  5. Exposure;
  6. self-disclosure of a sexual or erotic nature;
  7. and exchange of gifts with no educational purpose.

The employment repercussions for engaging in sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students are grave. Teammates who ignore their responsibilities can be assured that their conduct will trigger discipline which in all likelihood will include the loss of employment.

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