Community Outreach Programs

Code One’s Community Outreach Programs

We believe that CPR is a lifesaving skill that everyone ought to know.  We also believe that every public building, supermarket, airport, and shopping mall should have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and people that know how to use it.  These are two of the reasons Code One has built its Community Outreach programs.

HEARTSafe Communities and Workplaces

The American Heart Association has worked with state health departments to develop criteria to qualify cities, towns, and workplaces as “HEARTSafe” Communities and Workplaces.  These qualifiers include ensuring that there are AEDs in publicly accessible location, a percentage of the population has been trained in CPR, and that plans are in place for emergencies. Code One has assisted several towns and workplaces in acheiving this designation.  Contact us if your community or workplace is interested in becoming HEARTSafe.

AED Sales and Service

For every minute that defibrillation is delayed, even with good CPR, a victim of cardiac arrest loses approximately 10% of their chance of survical.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends that fire services have a 5 minute or less response time, however, in many communities that is simply not possible due to distance in rural settings or with volunteer agencies that depend on responders to come from their homes.  Needless to say, the chance of survival for a witnessed cardiac arrest with CPR trained bystanders nearby is not very good if there is no AED nearby.

For this reason, Code One has developed relationships with the major Automated External Defibrillator manufacturers to provide the best pricing for AED units that are deployed by our clients.  Contact us for a free consultation and AED quote.

CPR in Schools

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone  is familiar with CPR is by providing hands-on training using a manikin and AED as part of the high school health curriculum.  Many states have implemented a CPR in Schools law that requires just this.  Code One has developed a CPR in Schools program that provides free instructor training to high school staff so that they are able to provide certification courses in their schools.

Code One has worked with several school districts in Connecticut and South Carolina to provide this training.  In the 2014 school year, one school district was able to get 94% of the graduating high school class certified in CPR!

Our CPR in Schools program exceeds the requirements stated in the newly signed Connecticut law.  We look forward to working with school districts in our service are to get their students prepared for emergencies.

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