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Hello My Amazing RNs, 


I am very grateful for all of you and for all the work that you do. Med admin and epi classes are very unique, and without you we wouldn’t be able to offer them. So BIG thank you!


I want to take a moment to make sure that we are all on the same page, as I rarely get to see you in person.  We are hired by United Way to teach med admin and epi refresher classes, and they are the ones who set the rules. Some of their policies differ from the ones we have in place. Here are the highlights:


  • If someone is not on our roster (Enrollware.com) then they are not allowed to take the class (we can not add them on the spot). Even if they show you an email confirming registration.
  • If someone is registered for med admin, but shows up for epi (or vice versa) we can “move” them. Please make sure that you fill out the course completion They need to reach out to United Way and communicate with them first
  • Spelling of participant’s name and address is given to us by United Way. I am ok with reprinting their certificate if you’re willing to sign it

Now some of our thoughts:

  • Each participant gets a student manual, exam, answer sheet, and evaluation (most of them are in one packet). It amounts to a lot of paper, so if you have any suggestions on how we can decrease the number of trees we kill, I’m all ears. (We do collect the exams, answer sheets, and evals back). We have a total of 4 equipment sets. If you’d like to keep one because you feel you teach often, and it will save you some time, let me know. We can make it happen 🙂
  • Finalized rosters need to be emailed to [email protected][email protected] within 24hrs. How may I support you with that? What can I do, so that we can make sure there are no delays? 
  • Certificates – you will find certificates in Enrollware.com as an attachment. Please print two copies, sign both, and at the end of the class scan one of them for our record. You do not need to sign a certificate if the person did not show up for class.

Please take a moment to acknowledge that you have received this memo by signing it.


I appreciate you all very sincerely. Please let me know what I can do to make your life easier, or to make the process better. I welcome suggestions 




Kori Burz

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