Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

  • In-person didactic and skills practice
  • Engaging class led by experienced EMS educators
  • Includes CAPCE credits for NREMT recertification
TACTICAL EMERGENCY CASUALTY CARE is internationally recognized for its evidence-based approach to reducing injury and death resulting from trauma.

TECC is developed by NAEMT using evidence supported by the Prehospital Trauma Life Support program.  This program focuses on the prevention, recognition, and treatment of violent trauma including stabs, gunshot wounds, and explosions.  Training and scenarios enforce the three zones of care in the tactical setting.

Approved For

  • NREMT Recertification:  16 Hours Approved by Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) for use in NREMT Recertification
  • State Recertification:  Approved by Most States for EMT Recertification
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Intended Audience​

Intended Audience

Emergency care providers in pre-hospital and emergency department settings where treatment of traumatic injuries is commonplace. Some topics are intended for Paramedic providers, however, EMTs and EMRs are welcome to attend this program.

Course Topics

Course Topics

Care of the injured patient in the tactical setting including care under fire, casualty evacuation, and definitive care. Penetrating trauma from low, medium, and high velocity impacts. Injuries from explosives. Multi-casualty incidents.



Successful completion of this program results in a TECC certification from the National Association of EMTs. Participants also receive 16 hours of course credit from CAPCE which may be used for NREMT recertification.

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