Training Site Renewal

2017 Training Site Renewal

Application Deadline is January 20, 2017

American Heart Association Training Sites deliver lifesaving courses to thousands each year. This vast network of experienced instructors is a critical element in the dissemination of resuscitation science and skills to communities and healthcare providers across the country.

As an American Heart Association Training Center, Code One has the duty to align with Training Sites that share similar values in program quality and customer service. The Training Site Renewal process is part of Code One’s Quality Assurance process and assures aligned Training Site meet the expectations of Code One and the American Heart Association.

What you’ll need to renew:

There are several items that you’ll need to have ready before starting the Training Site Application:

  • Business Information/Demographics – Basic information including your Training Site Name, legal structure, point of contact, billing and mailing addresses.
  • Instructor Number – This is found on your dashboard on the AHA Instructor Network.  Login at
  • Sales Tax Status – If your organization is exempt from sales tax, you will need to upload a PDF of your Sales Tax Certificate.  Code One adds sales tax on invoices in CT, MA, SC, and GA on all taxable items (certification cards, manikins, pocket masks, etc).
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance – All training sites are required to carry General Liability Insurance with coverage of at least $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate.  Code One will need to be named as the certificate holder.  Your certificate will need to be in PDF format to be uploaded.
  • Policies – Select adoption of Code One’s policy manual or
  • Inventory of Equipment – Inventory of all training equipment your training site has access to including manikins, AED trainers, course DVDs, student consumables (books, masks), and discipline specific equipment (i.e. BVM for BLS, airway manikin for ACLS, etc.).
  • Instructor Affiliation – A list of names, instructor IDs (from AHA Instructor Network), and disciplines (HS, BLS, ACLS, and/or PALS) for each instructor affiliated with your Training Site.
  • Training Site Agreement – Please note that Training Sites must issue at least 50 certifications per year.  Training Sites that do not issue 50 certifications pay an Authorization Fee equivalent to the cost of the remaining certifications that were not issued.  Training Site Authorization Fees are waived for the first year of operation.