1. Don’t panic. It will be okay. Worst things have happened in your life. We will get this fixed.
  2. Remember some details. Where did you take your class? Most likely it was with the American Heart Association. BLS cards look like the ones in the photo above. Some other training providers include the American Red Cross and the American Safety and Health Institute. If you had an American Heart Association card, try to recall if you downloaded and printed it from online or if it was handed or mailed to you by your instructor.
  3. Get a replacement. If you received your card online, it was most likely an American Heart Association eCard. These can be easily reprinted by going to https://Heart.org/mycards. If your card was in print, only the issuing American Heart Association Training Center can reissue your card. If you took your class with Code One Training Solutions, you can easily order a replacement card online and it will be mailed to you in 1-2 business days. If you didn’t take your course with Code One, a listing of all AHA training centers is here.

We hope this information helps you obtain a replacement CPR card!

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