Can I do the online modules for CPR on my phone?

Can I do the online modules for CPR on my phone?

In short, most likely the answer is Yes, you can do the online modules for CPR on your phone!

Most smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops have the requirements needed to run the online modules for CPR courses. On the American Heart Association website you can find these specific computing requirements. Here are the recommended operating systems and browser:


Operating Systems Laptop/PC: Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8
Tablets: Apple iOS 6/7/8, Android (4.1 KitKat, 5.0
Lollipop), Microsoft RT
Browser Laptop/PC: Latest versions of Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer 11, Edge,
Firefox, Safari
Tablets: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari


While it’s possible to run the course on your phone or tablet, there are a few things to consider:

  • Be sure the device is set up to allow pop ups. If the device is not set up to allow them, the course won’t run correctly.
  • The screen size may affect the amount of content visible at a time
  • Navigating the menu may vary depending on the size of your device. The larger the device, the larger the menu will be. This menu is generally used when answering course questions.

The American Heart Association also maintains a full list of browser requirements based on course on their website.

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  1. I need to finish my BLS and I don’t have a ipad todo the recusation part of it. Can I use my laptop which has touch capabilities? I work for Almost Familyand I need this for job. health stream

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