Can I feel safe getting CPR training during covid?


We get a lot of questions about how we’re handling safe CPR training during COVID, today we’re going to answer some of them. Dealing with the risks associated with COVID-19 is now a part of everyday life. We are all doing our best to wash and sanitize our hands, stay 6 feet apart from each other, and wear face coverings. But if you are in the process of getting certified or recertified by AHA, then you know that typical resuscitation practices break many COVID safety guidelines. Before going out into the world to save lives, you will need to be certified, and figuring out how to do that safely is what we’re going to talk about.

In-Person CPR Classes

Even during COVID we do offer some traditional classes with live instructors. The big difference now is that we limit each class to 3-4 students to allow for social distancing. We have also put disinfecting practices into place. Specifically, wiping down all equipment and surfaces at the beginning and end of every class. We also require all students and instructors to wear masks and gloves. Finally, students will not put their mouths near the manikins at any time. Instead they will use the phrase “Breath, Breath” to indicate when breaths should be given.

Blended Learning Options

The AHA requires students to go through some practical training to issue an eCard. All of our students come into a Code One testing site for at least some time. To limit this time, we offer two ways to complete the cognitive portion of the class online.

Virtual Instructor Led Training – which is a live online class with one of our instructors.

BEACON – which is the self-paced online AHA Heartcode course.

Completing the practical testing on BEACON is safe and easy:

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