Career Opportunities as an EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are skilled healthcare workers responsible for the assessment, treatment, and transportation of people who have become sick or injured. Working aboard ambulances and in hospital emergency departments, EMTs have a unique skill set that allows them provide initial lifesaving care to people in need.

The training to become certified as an EMT ranges between 5 weeks for an accelerated EMT course and 13 weeks for traditional EMT training.  Upon completion of EMT training, EMT candidates complete a skills test and written exam to become nationally and state certified.

Ambulance services employ EMTs and are constantly hiring.  Since hired EMTs complete additional on-the-job orientation training, newly certified EMTs are usually able to land a job as an EMT without prior experience.

The 2018 EMS World Salary Survey determined the average hourly wage for EMTs in Connecticut to be $23.27.  With the total cost of EMT training and certification testing being under $1,800, an entry into Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides a quick return on investment in a relatively short amount of time.  An accelerated student can be job ready in as quickly as 6 weeks; a traditional student 14 weeks.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies EMTs and Paramedics to be in growing demand and career advancement is possible with further education as a Paramedic.

We have compiled job listings for many of the area EMS agencies and hospitals who hire EMTs: 

Commercial Ambulance Services (Minimum Age Usually 18-21, Companies Vary):

Emergency Departments (Patient Care Technicians):

Volunteer EMS Providers:

Code One Training Solutions, LLC does not represent the above organizations. Successful completion of this program does not guarantee employment. If your organization hires Emergency Medical Technicians, please email us your opportunities page so that we can list your organization.

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