CE-TEK All Weather AED enclosure at Greenfield Park Botetourt County, VA

CE-TEK All Weather AED enclosure at Greenfield Park Botetourt County, VA

AED Team, a leading national distributor of AEDs and safety equipment is excited to announce that it has installed a CE-TEK All Weather AED enclosure at Greenfield Park in Botetourt County, Virginia. 

This project was completed on behalf of the Compress & Shock Foundation.

Two days before Christmas 2020, Twila Rankin suffered a cardiac arrest. Her husband called 911 and performed CPR until first responders arrived with their AED.

The couple hopes the devices never need to be used, but if they are, they’ll be within easy reach according to the WSLS article.

The CE-TEK All Weather AED Enclosure protects AEDs from direct sunlight, cold temperatures, moisture, dust, tamper, and theft while ensuring 24/7 Public Access to Defibrillation. A thermostat controlled heater inside the enclosure ensures that AED pads and emergency medication remain at safe operating temperatures regardless of the environment outside.

To access lifesaving equipment, bystanders call 911 to receive the access code to open the enclosure.

“The easiest way to improve public access to AEDs is having them in public spaces such as parks, sports fields, concert venues, etc.” Said Richard Shok, owner of AED Team and Code One Training Solutions. “We love the CE-TEK enclosures because they provide 24/7 access while keeping the AED protected and secured.”

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