Code One Launches CPR Superhero Hands-Only Sessions

ROANOKE, VA – Virginia based Code One Training Solutions has taken an important step in advancing community preparedness for recognizing and responding to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Training in CPR has primarily been focused on providing a certification to those who learn lifesaving care. The steps for certification can be costly and burdensome with some programs costing in excess of $100 and requiring multiple hours of work to achieve. While many people including healthcare professionals, teachers, and coaches may be required to maintain a certificate in CPR, the vast majority of the public does not.

Code One’s launch of CPR Superhero Hands-Only Sessions is meant for the general public to learn and be comfortable performing CPR when it is needed in an emergency.

CEO Richard Shok said of the program, “With over 350,000 sudden cardiac arrests occurring each year in the United States outside of hospitals, our bystander CPR rate needs to be improved significantly.”

Shok continued, “Having more people learn CPR and be comfortable in their ability to respond is an important part of improving survivability from, what is in many instances, a preventable death.”

With recent high-visibility cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in mind, the CPR Superhero Hands-Only Session achieves exactly what is needed – a simple, convenient, inexpensive, easy to learn, hands-on, private lesson in CPR.

Leveraging Code One’s BEACON (standing for BE A CONfident Rescuer) program, learners attend a private 30 minute training session at a Code One Training Center with a virtually connected instructor.

Code One’s team of instructors are highly-experienced and qualified for what they are teaching. Utilizing remote training technology, they are able to provide training session by appointment 12 hours a day, 6 days a week at 55 locations in the eastern United States. This allows learners to sign-up for sessions, in many cases, the same day at the center most convenient to them.

Instructors focus the 30 minute session on recognizing cardiac arrest, learning the techniques of performing hands-only CPR, and answering questions that the learner may have. Additional instruction is provided on using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and choking emergencies. Skills are practiced on high-fidelity manikins that provide feedback on skills to each learner.

The low cost of $40 allows up to two learners to attend the 30 minute session and learn the skills necessary to save a life.

The Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) annual report shows that only 40% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims received CPR from bystanders – a figure that Shok said needs to change dramatically.

“There are many obstacles to someone acting in an emergency. They ask – does this person really need help? Do I actually know what needs to be done? What if I hurt them? What if they sue me?” Shok said. “Our target here is to help people learn these skills and feel confident in performing them in an emergency. Their ability to act without these hesitations make these everyday humans CPR Superheroes and will directly result in more lives saved.”

Anyone interested in learning CPR can learn more and sign up for a session at

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