CPR Certification in Maine

CPR Certification in ME

Obtaining a CPR Certification in Maine has never been easier or more convenient. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Code One launched BEACON – an innovative program combining American Heart Association online training with an individual skills appointment using RQI 1 Stop® technology. BEACON (short for BE A CONfident Rescuer) enhances learner knowledge and skills through adaptive learning and continuous feedback. There are two locations in Maine and one nearby in Massachusetts which offer BEACON programming with skills appointments daily.

The Process: Register for a BEACON CPR certification course through Code One’s website. Learners can start the online training immediately. Once complete, learners schedule an individual skills appointment at any Code One Training Center to complete their certification. Most Code One Training Centers offer daily appointments between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to provide maximum convenience.

CPR Certification levels

  • The Heartsaver CPR AED and Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED courses provide CPR certification for learners who do not work in a healthcare environment. These courses are ideal for coaches, teachers, parents, babysitters, and industrial safety teams.
  • The BLS Provider course provides CPR certification for learners who work in a clinical environment including EMTs and paramedics, nurses, dentists, allied health technicians, and physicians.

Once learners complete the online portion of their training, they schedule an individual skills appointment at a Code One Training Center. The skills appointment is conducted using computerized manikins which provide the learner with immediate feedback on their skills performance.

CPR Certification in Maine

Code One’s Locations Tool can help identify which Training Center is closest to you:

Code One is pleased to provide Maine with high-quality CPR training solutions at convenient locations with plentiful appointment options. Whether you’re obtaining CPR certification for work, school, or to be prepared in an emergency, we hope to see you in our next course!

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