Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest – Feb 23, 2024

Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is an assortment of current events and news related to emergency cardiac care and resuscitation. Produced by Code One Training Solutions, Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is published every Friday throughout the year.

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Optimal Treatment Sequence For Patients With Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest May Be Intravenous Epinephrine Before Placement Of Advanced Airway, Research Finds

The optimal sequence of treatment for individuals with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) may be intravenous epinephrine prior to the placement of an advanced airway, according to new findings.

These findings were the results of a recent study conducted to evaluate which sequence of intervention measures for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest are the most ideal. Commonly-implemented interventions include epinephrine and advanced airway management (AAM) with clinicians using supraglottic airway insertion as well as endotracheal intubation.

Summary from HCP Live: https://www.hcplive.com/view/optimal-treatment-sequence-identified-for-out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest

Original research: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2815246

City of Palm Beach Gardens continues the strategic placement of 24/7 accessible defibrillators.

Over a dozen deployed with another 30 to be added in the coming weeks to months, giving people a better chance at surviving cardiac arrest.

“One of the first places we wanted to address was the sports complexes throughout the city; that way, if anyone suddenly suffered cardiac arrest while playing sports, they’d have access to an AED within minutes,” said Cory Bessette, assistant chief and public information officer for Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue.

Watch the story: https://www.wpbf.com/amp/article/florida-palm-beach-gardens-aed-parks-heart/45653335

Detroit continues the systematic implementation of measures designed to improve their system of care for cardiac arrest.

Citizen empowerment plays a pivotal role in their plans.

Watch this story about Detroit working to teach more residents hands-only CPR: https://www.clickondetroit.com/video/health/2024/02/16/detroit-working-to-teach-more-residents-hands-only-cpr/

Visit the Citizen CPR Foundation and explore a wide variety of resources from world-recognized organizations and industry partners, including scientific statements, videos and other resources organized in a free web-based guide: https://citizencpr.org/heartsafe/

More from Detroit!

Doctors highlight importance of CPR in saving Detroit activist Malik Shabazz,

‘I came in on a stretcher, but I’m leaving on my feet’

DETROIT – It’s been nearly eight months since community activist Malik Shabazz nearly lost his life.

His heart stopped beating after a massive heart attack, but he is alive and recovering and wants everyone to understand why.

Shabazz is a big presence in Detroit and a big voice that was almost silenced when a massive heart attack struck. The team at Henry Ford Hospital truly credits the 45 minutes of CPR as key to his survival.

Video story: https://www.clickondetroit.com/community/2024/02/19/doctors-highlight-importance-of-cpr-in-saving-detroit-activist-malik-shabazz/

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn.– When seconds matter, and lives are on the line, the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department wants to make sure they have the tools necessary for the call.

An AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a device used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Around two years ago, the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department applied for a grant through the Friends of Heart foundation in Jackson. With this, they were able to obtain 8 AED’s. But they didn’t stop at 8.

“Just recently, the sheriff acquired 8 more AED’s which would allow every patrol unit, every deputy, to have an AED in their vehicle so they can respond to these events throughout the county,” said Stephen Sutton, the Public Information Officer for the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department.

Video story: https://www.wbbjtv.com/2024/02/19/one-west-tennessee-sheriffs-department-focuses-on-life-saving-equipment-for-every-patrol-vehicle/

Quick Action and AED Save Man’s Life at CrossFit Cortland

It was around 6:45 in the evening on Thursday, February 15th, when emergency personnel were dispatched to CrossFit Cortland at the Crescent Commons Building in the City of Cortland. In a release, the City of Cortland Fire Department says it was a typical workout session when an athlete has suffered a medical emergency.

The person, a male in his 60s, had dropped to the floor. Co-owner of CrossFit, Quentin Giles, had immediately deduced the person was suffering from cardiac arrest. Giles, who was off-duty from his job as a Student Resource Office for Homer, began CPR on the person.

Cortland Fire says athletes Kristi Marcellus and Holly Mulvaney assisted Giles and 9-1-1 was called. The gyms Automated External Defibrillator (AED), was retrieved by Nick Mrozowski. The AED was applied to the person and showed a shock was needed to the person. A shock was given and CPR was continued until the machine detected a pulse.

Read on: https://www.wxhc.com/quick-action-and-aed-save-mans-life-at-crossfit-cortland/

Athletic coaches in Florida may soon be required to take and maintain CPR training

The proposal comes from state lawmakers who say kids and teens are too often experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.
According to the American Heart Association, each year more than 356,000 cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital in the United States—with 7,000 of them being young people under the age of 18.

Because of this, Florida state Senator Jay Collins, R-Tampa, proposed legislation (SB 830) Thursday that aims to bring more life-saving policies to Florida K-12 schools.
“This bill takes a remarkable step forward in making sure that when we’re not there with our kids, we can rest assured that the training does happen,” Collins explained to a Senate committee on Fiscal Policy.

SB 830 calls for all coaches in Florida to be CPR certified. The bill also specifies coaches need to know how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). Sen. Collins said as a parent, these things are important.

Source: https://www.wmfe.org/politics/2024-02-20/athletic-coaches-in-florida-may-soon-be-required-to-take-and-maintain-cpr-training

Luton Town’s Tom Lockyer urges everyone to learn CPR

Tom experienced a cardiac arrest while playing in the Premier League. Thanks to the swift actions of his teammates and medical staff, he’s here today.

Every 90 minutes – the length of a football match – at least five people in the UK suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Watch Tom’s story here.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/36GzpztRi4g?si=c8BUaHd-z6V_R-37

Hundreds attend training to save lives in Mound

Nearly 1,000 students and staff members at Mound Westonka High School received life-saving training Feb. 6 during an all-school CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training provided by a host of local emergency responders.

The event, the third of its kind at MWHS, started as a collaboration between the school and community to bring bystander CPR/AED training to the school. The training is part of the Heart Safe Communities initiative, a nationwide effort to prevent death from sudden cardiac arrest. Previous MWHS events were held in 2016 and 2020.

Access the full story: https://www.hometownsource.com/laker_pioneer/community/hundreds-attend-training-to-save-lives-in-mound/article_6d66821e-cf2b-11ee-b18f-976ba23e653a.html

UVM students train to take on medical emergencies

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – The University of Vermont is preparing students to be ready in the event of nearly any kind of medical emergency.

More than 100 students registered to take CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed and Narcan training at a special training on Tuesday. The all-day course was put on by the Department of Emergency Management at UVM. Student organizers say they chose these techniques in particular because the time between when an emergency happens and when first responders arrive at the scene can mean life or death.

“The biggest thing is that it can happen to anyone, anywhere and the more people having training is really important,” said Abbie Correll, a student.
“From like the bystanders in public to the ambulance to the emergency department, a lot needs to go right in that chain of survival,” said Stephen Mathyas, a Cat ECare student intern.

Last summer, all 84 public access AEDs on UVM’s campus were equipped with Stop the Bleed kits and Narcan.

Video story: https://www.wcax.com/2024/02/20/uvm-students-train-take-medical-emergencies/

Rugby League Stars Kick Off Life-saving Ambulance Service Campaign

Rising talent from the world of Rugby League helped kick off a life-saving Yorkshire Ambulance Service campaign to improve cardiac arrest survival rates across the region last week.

Fifty players taking part in England’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence programme learnt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to mark the launch of the Restart a Heart campaign last Wednesday (14 February).

The players, aged between 16 and 18, have the potential to reach the highest level of the women’s game, and were taught the life-saving skill by staff and volunteers from Yorkshire Ambulance Service in Huddersfield.

Jason Carlyon, Community Engagement Manager, said: “We are delighted to teach CPR to these talented young players who are expected to progress through the ranks within the women’s Rugby League at the highest level and would like to thank them for supporting the launch of our Restart a Heart campaign.

Full story: https://www.rugby-league.com/article/62480/rugby-league-stars-kick-off-life-saving-ambulance-service-campaign

Introducing the Resuscitation Academy!

The Resuscitation Academy’s mission is to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

Based in Seattle, King County, USA, we are rooted in public health, academic medicine and emergency medical services. Our free workshops and resources are based on science and tested by years of experience. To increase our reach, we partner with the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical to develop life-saving programs.

The RA is also a proud member of the Global Resuscitation Alliance, convened in 2015 at the Utstein Abbey in Norway by EMS leaders, researchers and experts to address two challenges: increasing community cardiac arrest survival worldwide and achieving implementation of best practices and worthwhile programs.

Explore and learn here: https://www.resuscitationacademy.org/

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