Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest – July 5, 2024

Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is an assortment of current events and news related to emergency cardiac care and resuscitation. Produced by Code One Training Solutions, Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is published every Friday throughout the year.

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FedEx Driver Collapses While Delivering Package, State Senator Rushes to Help: ‘He Wasn’t Breathing’

A routine FedEx delivery turned into a frightening event when a delivery driver collapsed while delivering a package, but luckily a local state senator was around to help save the day.
FedEx driver Adonis Whitner collapsed in front of a homeowner while on his usual route in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, June 13, according to ABC affiliate WTAE-TV. In addition to getting the help of homeowner Mark Macala, who called 911, neighbor Sen. Devlin Robinson also showed up after seeing what happened on his own doorbell camera.

Read on: https://people.com/fedex-driver-collapses-while-delivering-package-senator-rushes-help-8664634

ENCORE: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

In 10 percent of drownings, adults are nearby but have no idea the victim is dying. Here’s what to look for.

Proclaimers hit and TV star helps Scots become more confident doing CPR

Over 50% of viewers said the campaign helped improve their knowledge of how and when to perform CPR.
Scots have become more confident performing CPR thanks to a campaign featuring TV presenter Carol Smillie carrying out the procedure to the tune of a famous Proclaimers hit.
More than half of viewers said it had increased their confidence, according to the Scottish Government. Meanwhile, 56% said it improved their knowledge of how and when to do CPR.
And almost all (96%) of those who watched the online film – which is set to the tune of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – said they would now rather attempt CPR than doing nothing.

Source: https://hellorayo.co.uk/west/local/news/proclaimers-hit-and-tv-star-helps-scots-become-more-confident-doing-cpr/

Camp 911 sparks interest in emergency services careers

MOREHEAD CITY — Rising Broad Creek Middle School seventh-grader Ella Christensen is interested in becoming a paramedic and wanted to learn more about it.
“I’ve always been interested in being a paramedic because they save lives,” Ella said as she practiced infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills June 25 during Camp 911 at Carteret Community College (CCC).
The camp, held June 24-28 at CCC and multiple emergency services agencies, offered middle school students hands-on experiences with first responders.
The annual summer camp is geared to youth interested in careers such as emergency medical services, firefighting and law enforcement.

Learn more: https://www.carolinacoastonline.com/news_times/article_53395262-37be-11ef-b6a4-0394e29c5be3.html

New Tennessee law requiring AEDs in high schools goes into effect

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Tennessee’s “Smart Heart Act” is now in effect after it was signed by Governor Bill Lee in May. The legislation requires automatic defibrillators in schools and also establishes protocols for medical emergencies related to cardiac issues.
As of July 1, each public and non-public school where students attend grades 9 through 12 must maintain an automated external defibrillator (AED) thanks to the Smart Heart Act. The law also requires that the AED be made accessible during the regular school day and athletic events.

Video story: https://www.wate.com/news/tennessee/new-tennessee-law-require-aeds-in-high-schools-goes-into-effect/

FMC column: Life-saving AEDs gifted to local communities

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” is a famous quote from Helen Keller that describes the importance of people coming together to achieve a common goal.
On June 6, our community had the opportunity to see just how true this statement is when one deserving family and 29 non-profit organizations in Fairfield County were each gifted an automated external defibrillator (AED) during a special ceremony at Fairfield Medical Center’s River Valley Campus. It was a heartfelt moment that would not have been possible without the generosity and collaboration of three local entities that all share the same passion – to save lives from cardiac arrest.

Story link: https://www.lancastereaglegazette.com/story/news/local/2024/07/01/life-saving-aeds-gifted-to-communities-through-fmc-and-local-banks/74224537007/

UK’s first wind and solar powered defibrillator and bleed control cabinet just launched

A Northamptonshire-based manufacturer of defibrillator and bleed control cabinets, bleed control kits and supplier of medical equipment, Turtle Defib Cabinets, has designed and engineered the first solar and wind powered defibrillator cabinet in the UK.
The manufacturer said that this launch creates an opportunity to set higher standards when it comes to saving lives in environments where an electricity supply may be restricted or cost-prohibitive to install.
While solar powered cabinets are widely available, Turtle’s innovative design negates the issues that current models present; the location and angle of the solar panel must be optimal to ensure a continuous supply of electricity, which guarantees the defibrillator equipment can function correctly at all times.
Turtle’s team said that its product addresses the dangers of an electrical supply failure with inclined solar panels and with wind power combined.

More on this: https://www.farmersguide.co.uk/business/farm-tech/uks-first-wind-and-solar-powered-defibrillator-and-bleed-control-cabinet-just-launched/

ENCORE: Chatting with Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle | Shok Talk

Listen in on a conversation between Allison Shok. Rich Shok, RN, NRP, EMS-I and Greg Page about improving citizen awareness and response to sudden cardiac arrest.

Water safety and drowning prevention tips for all ages

Southwest Florida is known for its beautiful coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Many people live here to enjoy the water and the weather, which is ideal for most of the year to enjoy a nice swim, boat trip, or other water activity. Being vigilant about water safety and drowning prevention will help keep us and our loved ones safe.
Drownings happen quickly and quietly and can happen to anyone. With layers of protection, awareness, and swim lessons, they are also preventable.
What Can Someone Do to Prevent Drownings and Practice Good Water Safety?
Unless rescued, a drowning person will last only 20 to 60 seconds before submerging.

Read on: https://www.fortmyersbeachtalk.com/2024/06/30/water-safety-and-drowning-prevention-tips-for-all-ages/

Break the Barrier PSA| TVC | St John WA

Would you know what to do in an emergency situation? If you don’t know first aid, you can’t help.

Call for defibrillators in every Welsh school

One cardiology expert said defibrillators only tend to appear in schools where there’s already been a tragedy
A 28-year-old rugby player who suffered a cardiac arrest has called for all schools in Wales to have a defibrillator, as is law in England.
Steffan Howells, who is now an ambassador for the Hearts Cymru charity said it could be the difference between life and death.
A freedom of information request from Newyddion S4C showed most local authorities in Wales had no record of which schools had the machines.
The Welsh government said “all state-funded secondary schools have been offered a defibrillator” and it was working to increase the number of devices in communities.

More: https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cxx2kgkj3n8o

Dog helping to save lives as a defib mascot

A sheepadoodle is helping save lives after becoming the mascot of a defibrillator donation project.
The team at Donate for Defib Weston-super-Mare, who are fronted by three-year-old dog, Maya, are installing defibrillators at key locations and have already raised £32,000 for the cause.
They have managed to install 35 defibrillators across the town, which have been used about 15 times so far.
Josh Bell, one of the project’s managers, said Maya had made the project “go bonkers”.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cqll81k3w4jo

New law to require AEDs at all healthcare facilities in Rhode Island

A new law will require all healthcare facilities in Rhode Island to have an automated external defibrillator and someone trained to use it, according to a news release from the state legislature.
The law, which was approved by the General Assembly last week and signed by Gov. Daniel McKee, goes into effect Sept. 1.
The requirement will apply to all healthcare facilities, regardless of capacity, including hospitals, nursing facilities, and ambulatory surgery centers, as well as physicians’ and dentists’ offices.

Source: https://whatsupnewp.com/2024/07/new-law-to-require-aeds-at-all-healthcare-facilities-in-rhode-island/

REMINDER: Register for the AHA ECC National Training Network Conference

The American Heart Association will present the 2024 Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) National Training Network Conference, which will be held September 25-26, 2024, at the Marriott Marquis in Chicago.
The conference will feature a line-up of more than 20 peer-to-peer sessions and plenary presentations, as well as several ACLS, PALS, and BLS live demonstrations.
On September 24, they will have a pre-conference course and offer ACLS for Experienced Providers (ACLS EP).

More information and registration: https://cpr.heart.org/en/resources/ecc-conferences-and-events

Spotlighting: EP Save A Life Foundation

Through awareness, education and action, their mission is to influence families, youth, educators, sports programs, elected officials and the medical community to recognize the incidence of sudden cardiac arrest in youth, to support the standardization of prevention protocol at home, in school, on the field and at the doctor’s office, and to empower youth to become the next generation of life savers.
More: https://epsavealife.org/about/

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