Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest – May 17, 2024

Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is an assortment of current events and news related to emergency cardiac care and resuscitation. Produced by Code One Training Solutions, Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is published every Friday throughout the year.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Advocates make a difference in improving outcomes from cardiac arrest, cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Watch this Heart Fund PSA from the 1960’s. The message resonates as well today as it did then. Show your support for your association of choice, today. Regardless of the organization, YOU are making a difference!

Give Heart Fund PSA: https://youtu.be/k0xC5gD-yE8?si=PrO7gRM60MogTIyH

ENCORE: May is American Stroke Month

Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the United States and up to 80% of them may be prevented.
Get Involved through learning, volunteering, giving, or advocating.

Resources from the American Stroke Association: https://www.stroke.org/en/about-stroke

A man whose heart stopped for eight minutes while training for a marathon said it was the “luckiest run to die on.”

Fitness instructor, Grant Williams, from Woolton, was training for the Manchester marathon on March 9, 2024, when his heart stopped for eight minutes. He was 11-miles into his 12-mile run when he suffered a cardiac arrest on Smithdown Road.
The group of eight people Grant had been training with didn’t hesitate to start CPR. An off-duty nurse and doctor also happened to be walking past, and the 53-year-old had collapsed just across the street from a defibrillator, which all contributed to saving his life.
Grant, who is fit and healthy, had been out for a run with members of his fitness class, NG-UP Active, when he suffered a cardiac arrest. He told the ECHO: “We were training every Saturday, it was just the Saturday before that we had done a 19 mile run.

Read the entire story here: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-fighting-life-five-minutes-061302266.html

DEFIBRILLATORS have been installed at every fire station in Northern Ireland to extend public access to the potentially life-saving devices

The machines are now available at all 67 stations that are in operation across the country, as well as at the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) headquarters in Lisburn.
“Our commitment to equipping every fire station with a defibrillator is a testament to our dedication to public safety across Northern Ireland and our role as a vital player in the collective effort to save lives during emergencies,” Chairperson of the NIFRS Board, Jay Colville, said.
Studies show that the use of a defibrillator within three to five minutes of someone having a heart attack can increase their chances of survival to 50 per cent.
“Defibrillators help save lives and anyone can use one,” James Cant, CEO at the Resuscitation Council UK, said.

Full story: https://www.irishpost.com/news/every-second-counts-defibrillators-installed-at-every-fire-station-across-northern-ireland-272269

Homebuilder installs defibrillators across Leicestershire developments

To enhance the safety of local people, David Wilson Homes East Midlands has installed defibrillators across its communities in Leicestershire.
Placed on the outside of the homebuilder’s marketing suites for members of the public to access in an emergency, the defibrillators have provided another local option for anyone rushing to the aid of someone suffering a cardiac arrest.
John Reddington, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said: “Defibrillators are such important assets for local communities, and we’re pleased to contribute to Leicestershire’s access to life-saving equipment.
“In crucial minutes during a cardiac arrest, it’s vital that a defibrillator can be accessed quickly, and we are delighted to have installed the equipment across our sites in the county to ensure that it’s ready for use, if needed.”
Community Public Access Defibrillators (cPADS) save lives and, in the event of an emergency, anyone coming to the aid of someone in cardiac arrest is advised to call the emergency services who can provide the code to access a defibrillator. The responder is then able to advise on the steps to take until an ambulance arrives.

Source: https://www.meltontimes.co.uk/health/homebuilder-installs-defibrillator-across-leicestershire-developments-4627873


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Watch: https://youtu.be/YHzz2cXBlGk?si=vVg3b-P2OToB6JHD

The effect of spaced E-Learning on knowledge of basic life support and satisfaction of nursing students: a quasi-experimental study

In this quasi-experimental study with two groups, 106 undergraduate nursing students of Alborz University of Medical Sciences in Iran participated. The control group (n = 47) received BLS training with massed E-learning in one three-hour session, and the intervention group (n = 59) received spaced E-learning in three one-hour sessions. An electronic questionnaire including demographic information and a pre-test of BLS knowledge were sent to both groups. Also, immediately after receiving the training, two weeks later and one month later, they completed a post-test of BLS knowledge. Students were asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with the provided education by completing the SLS-OLE.

More: https://bmcmededuc.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12909-024-05533-9

Agonal breathing upon hospital arrival as a prognostic factor in patients experiencing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Agonal breathing is a relatively common symptom that follows cardiac arrest when the brainstem function is preserved. Agonal breathing is associated with favorable survival in patients experiencing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). While previous studies focused on agonal breathing observed in the pre-hospital setting for all study subjects, we focused on agonal breathing observed upon hospital arrival. In this multicenter prospective study, we aimed to assess the prognosis of patients exhibiting agonal breathing upon hospital arrival were compared. We hypothesized that agonal breathing at hospital arrival would be associated with favorable neurological outcomes among patients with OHCA.

Full access: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666520424001115

Campaign Seeks to Boost CPR Skills in Asian American Communities

Despite strides in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, consumer research from the American Heart Association reveals only 1 in 4 Asian American individuals are confident they could correctly perform Hands-Only CPR, compared with a comparable confidence rate of more 1/3 of the general population. The same survey showed nearly 70% of Asian American adults are hesitant to perform Hands-Only CPR because they are worried they will hurt the person who has suffered a cardiac arrest. Among the general population, 57% still express this fear. To build CPR skills, knowledge, and confidence and close these gaps, the American Heart Association, the leading global voluntary health organization focused on heart and brain health and celebrating 100 years of lifesaving service, is launching the “Today You Were Ready” nationwide awareness campaign aimed at empowering Asian American communities to learn Hands-Only CPR and be ready to save a life.

Source: https://www.miragenews.com/campaign-seeks-to-boost-cpr-skills-in-asian-1235572/

ENCORE: Resources for National CPR and AED Awareness Week

With National CPR and AED Awareness Week just around the corner, these resources may be helpful in developing an engagement strategy in your community.

From the Citizen CPR Foundation and the Resuscitation Academy, a Community CPR Toolkit: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f74bfd9d36c8e051d674096/t/6182d91703f65b7783ee24ea/1635965211656/RA_CommunityCPR921_toolkit_4.pdf

A webcast, courtesy of Duke, the Resuscitation Academy and the Citizen CPR Foundation: https://youtu.be/kfZrxRvdeCs?si=8ndrKoawZ-dUltx5

American Heart Association resources: https://cpr.heart.org/en/training-programs/cpr-and-aed-awareness/cpr-and-aed-awareness-week

For Albion man who saved general, CPR training took over

It’s been a whirlwind the past week for Tim LaLonde, an Albion native who said he much prefers to be in the background and out of the limelight.
But LaLonde has been highlighted in The Washington Post, The Today Show and was a featured guest at a Marine Corps celebration and parade in Washington, D.C. last weekend.
On Oct. 29, LaLonde saved the life of Marine Corps General Eric Smith. The general was out for a 3-mile run around Washington when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. LaLonde did CPR for nearly 10 minutes and kept the general alive until EMTs arrived. The general has made a full recovery.
LaLonde last week met the general for the first time since Oct. 29, and received a deep appreciation from the general’s wife, two children and so many in the Marine Corps.
“Everyone I met in his close family was extremely gracious, they were very thankful,” LaLonde said by phone Tuesday evening. “They are nice people.”
The soldiers under the general’s command told LaLonde how grateful they were he was able to come to Smith’s aid.

Read on: https://orleanshub.com/for-albion-man-who-saved-general-cpr-training-took-over/

Red Cross Club at University of Washington Provides Free CPR Training for Students and Staff

Inside the University of Washington campus, a group of students is spearheading a movement to equip their school community with lifesaving skills. These students make up the Red Cross Club at University of Washington (UW) and share one common thread: a passion for making a difference. Now, they’re doing that through accessible CPR certifications.
Tristan Jafari is one of the students who has been instrumental in making the idea of free CPR certification a reality on the University of Washington campus. Tristan first got involved with the UW Red Cross Club as a freshman. As a biochemistry major with aspirations for a career in medicine, he was drawn to the club’s mission of community service.
Now, as a sophomore, Tristan serves as the Vice President of the Red Cross Club and is helping to lead an initiative to provide CPR training at no cost to the university community. This initiative, he says, was one of his priorities as he stepped into his current leadership role within the club.
In the past, the club had reached out to local Red Cross instructors to conduct occasional CPR classes for its members. However, recognizing the importance of this lifesaving knowledge, Tristan and his peers sought to create a sustainable system that had the capacity to serve a broader audience.
“We started thinking about how to expand this program so that we can reach not just our members, but the greater UW community,” said Tristan. “Because there are thousands and thousands of students and faculty at our university.”

Read the story here: https://www.redcross.org/local/washington/about-us/news-and-events/news/red-cross-club-at-university-of-washington-provides-free-cpr-tra.html

Pioneering London Ambulance Service trial hailed as one of most important heart studies of 2023

Ground-breaking research which found the majority of people whose hearts have stopped have the same chance of surviving if taken to the nearest hospital rather than a specialist cardiac arrest centre has been hailed one of the most important studies of last year.
The ‘Arrest’ trial was named one of the four most important trials in the world relating to cardiac care in 2023 according to the Resuscitation Journal, the official journal of the Europe’s 32 national Resuscitation Councils.
The trial found taking certain cardiac arrest patients to nearest emergency department – as LAS had been doing – was as important as getting to a specialist cardiac hospital. This was good news as it meant not all cardiac arrest patients needed immediate specialist intervention but a period of stabilisation in a normal hospital.
However, patients experiencing a specific type of cardiac arrest known as ‘STEMI’– where an electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect a blockage of the artery supplying the heart – do benefit going straight to a heart attack centre which is current practise.

More: https://www.londonambulance.nhs.uk/2024/05/15/pioneering-london-ambulance-service-trial-hailed-as-one-of-most-important-heart-studies-of-2023/

TN Teen Advocates for CPR, Heart Health on National Stage

The American Heart Association’s National Teen of Impact title offers Gen Z changemakers an influential platform to fight against heart disease to improve health and well-being in communities across the country. This year, Aniston Barnette, a 16-year-old volunteer advocate from Bristol, Tenn., is the 2024 national winner. As a prominent student-athlete, Barnette is supporting the lifesaving mission of the American Heart Association – celebrating one hundred years of lifesaving service – by promoting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) awareness and education.
After watching family members suffer and die from heart disease, Barnette decided to take personal action by joining the Association’s Teen of Impact initiative in her Tennessee hometown. She became CPR-certified and has since actively advocated for the heart health of her generation. Barnette, one of 142 nominees selected from 34 communities nationwide, worked at a grassroots level to raise funds, educate others in Hands-Only CPR and work with her local hospital system to inspire the next generation to live longer and healthier.

Read on: https://www.miragenews.com/tn-teen-advocates-for-cpr-heart-health-on-1234004/

Spotlighting: The British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a cardiovascular research charity in the United Kingdom. It funds medical research related to heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors, and runs influencing work aimed at shaping public policy and raising awareness.

Learn more here: https://www.bhf.org.uk/

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