Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest – May 24, 2024

Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is an assortment of current events and news related to emergency cardiac care and resuscitation. Produced by Code One Training Solutions, Emergency Cardiac Care News Digest is published every Friday throughout the year.

The world needs people who save lives.

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ENCORE: Resources for National CPR and AED Awareness Week

With National CPR and AED Awareness Week just around the corner, these resources may be helpful in developing an engagement strategy in your community.

From the Citizen CPR Foundation and the Resuscitation Academy, a Community CPR Toolkit: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f74bfd9d36c8e051d674096/t/6182d91703f65b7783ee24ea/1635965211656/RA_CommunityCPR921_toolkit_4.pdf

A webcast, courtesy of Duke, the Resuscitation Academy and the Citizen CPR Foundation: https://youtu.be/kfZrxRvdeCs?si=8ndrKoawZ-dUltx5

American Heart Association resources: https://cpr.heart.org/en/training-programs/cpr-and-aed-awareness/cpr-and-aed-awareness-week

Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) 2023 Annual Report Released

CARES data are used to help communities benchmark and improve their performance for OHCA care. CARES allows participating communities to view their own statistics online confidentially and compare their performance to anonymous aggregated data at the local, regional, or national level. CARES automatically calculates local 911 response intervals, delivery rates for critical interventions (e.g., bystander CPR and public access defibrillation [PAD]), and community rates of survival and functional status at discharge, on the basis of each patient’s CPC Scale. An annual report is provided to all participating communities that summarizes local results in comparison to regional and national benchmarks. Tracking performance longitudinally allows communities to better understand which elements of their care are working well and which elements need improvement. Reporting at the state and local levels can enable state and local public health and EMS agencies to coordinate their efforts to target improving emergency response for OHCA events which can lead to improvement in OHCA survival rates.

Access the full report here: https://mycares.net/sitepages/uploads/2024/2023_flipbook/index.html?page=1

Medical center plans to host SIDEWALK ‘hands-only’ CPR training

PALMDALE — Southwest Healthcare’s Palmdale Regional Medical Center will host “Hands-Only” CPR training on June 6, Sidewalk CPR Day.
The free training will be held from 8 a.m. to noon at the hospital, 38600 Medical Center Drive, in the front lobby and conference rooms.
This is a come-and-go event open to the public, who may arrive at any time during the four-hour window for the 10-minute training. Videos will also be available to watch.
The medical center is one of many sites throughout Los Angeles County holding this training throughout the first week of June.

Source: https://www.avpress.com/news/medical-center-plans-to-host-hands-only-cpr-training/article_aa7b55e0-1d68-11ef-a7b2-975bf151dcfb.html

HOLLAND, MI designated as a HEARTSafe Community by the Citizen CPR Foundation

After years of hard work, Holland has officially become a HeartSafe Community.
The designation comes from a national preparedness program that measures 13 criteria — each of which demonstrates a community’s commitment to improving sudden cardiac arrest outcomes and saving lives.

Read the story: https://www.hollandsentinel.com/story/news/healthcare/2024/05/27/holland-is-officially-a-heartsafe-community/73823188007/

Learn more about this community-based quality improvement model that focuses on the importance of leadership, collaboration, strategy and tactics in improving cardiac arrest survival in the community through the systematic implementation of 13 specific recommendations or process measures that are based on current science and innovative best practices: https://citizencpr.org/heartsafe/

ENCORE: Rescuers Sing ‘Stayin Alive’ While Giving CPR to Cyclist

Good Samaritans started singing while giving chest compressions to an Arizona cyclist who collapsed. The rescuers were jamming to the Bee Gees’ hit song “Stayin’ Alive.” First responders say it has the perfect beat to follow when giving chest compressions. One rescuer happened to be a nurse who was hiking on the trail when the cyclist suffered his medical emergency. Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander has more.

Watch it! https://youtu.be/3F0AYuDZ7Y4?si=yBSb_lqCHyflHhSA

A homebuilder’s business has installed defibrillators across its communities in Nottinghamshire

The defibrillators are placed outside the David Wilson Homes East Midlands marketing suites available to the public in case of emergency.
John Reddington, managing director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said: “Defibrillators are such important assets for local communities, and we’re pleased to contribute to Nottinghamshire’s access to life-saving equipment.

Source: https://www.newarkadvertiser.co.uk/news/homebuilder-installs-defibrillators-across-the-county-9368093/

Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States

The main factors that affect drowning risk are lack of swimming ability, lack of barriers to prevent unsupervised water access, lack of close supervision while swimming, location, failure to wear life jackets, alcohol use, and seizure disorders.

A compelling video: https://youtu.be/tCbcCBKO8dA?si=SNP8-g1pzSMyd4D2

Drowning Prevention Resources: https://www.cdc.gov/drowning/about/index.html


A typical day at the ballpark can turn serious, and in some cases even deadly. With the heat and other elements, the risk of cardiac arrest is a real threat.
“On any given weekend if you come to Midwest City, you’re going to have hundreds of people there for sporting events,” said Midwest City Fire Chief Bert Norton.
With the heat and other elements, the risk of cardiac arrest is a real threat.
“We saw that they had the AED in the concession stand inside of a cage with a padlock on it, and it was like how are we going to activate that? Who’s got the key? And no one in the concession stand knew where the key was,” said Norton.
For Chief Norton, having AEDs in the parks and not being able to access them, was unacceptable.

More: https://www.news9.com/story/665666857ae4624f4f91c1bb/midwest-city-installs-fan-accessible-aeds-in-youth-ballparks

This police detective sergeant saves lives. His wife saved his.

After another emotional day investigating domestic violence and child abuse cases in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Rafaelito Cruz sat down to dinner with his wife and two of his three children.
After the meal, the 51-year-old special victims unit detective sergeant lingered by the family piano. His son Julian, 18, was teaching himself how to play the song “Unchained Melody.”
“Wow, Julian, that’s beautiful,” Rafaelito said. “I can’t wait until you learn the whole thing.” Soon after, Rafaelito and his wife, MiLinda, went to bed.
At 3 a.m., Rafaelito was breathing so loud and fast that he awoke MiLinda. Thinking he was having a nightmare, she gently tapped his arm.
“Baby, wake up,” she said.
Rafaelito didn’t budge. She shook him harder. His body felt tense, clenched.

Read on: https://www.heart.org/en/news/2024/05/28/this-police-detective-sergeant-saves-lives-his-wife-saved-his

Effort to train 1 million in bystander CPR crosses 100,000 mark

UCSD model predicts that reaching ambitious goal could save nearly 500 lives over five years
High school students practiced hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in downtown San Diego on Thursday, their efforts literally pushing toward the goal of training 1 million people across the county in lifesaving techniques that new findings from UC San Diego estimate could save nearly 500 local lives over five years.
Run by San Diego Project Heart Beat, the training session for 35 students at E3 High School is among many existing efforts countywide recently pulled together under the banner of Revive & Survive, a new collaborative effort to increase CPR training.
Working together, the county public safety group and Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health at UCSD launched the effort in February, using their combined clout to set a public goal of 1 million bystander CPR trainings and dubbing the effort Revive & Survive.

Source: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/health/story/2024-05-28/effort-to-train-1-million-in-bystander-cpr-crosses-100-000-mark

Spotlighting: Heartsafe Community Initiative-Australia

The Heart Safe Community initiative aims to improve survival rates for people suffering cardiac arrest across Victoria by teaching community members how to perform CPR and use an AED when others need it most. This is a joint initiative between Ambulance Victoria and the Heart Foundation.

More: https://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/community/community-partnerships/heart-safe-communities/

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