EMS practical exams. What's considered an initial exam vs repeat exam

EMS practical exams. What’s considered an initial exam vs repeat exam?

For psychomotor exams held at Code One we label the exam as an Initial exam or a repeat exam.  An initial exam is when a candidate must take all 5 skill scenarios, regardless if the candidate has already taken it at least once before.  A repeat exam is for anyone who needs to complete only 2 scenarios.  That individual has already taken and passed 3 of the 5 scenarios.

The practical examination consists of five (5) stations in which the candidate is expected to direct patient care and be graded individually in five stations.  Those five (5) stations include a medical scenario, trauma scenario, bag valve mask scenario, CPR scenario, random scenario (splinting or bleeding control) and if you are Vermont candidate testing in Connecticut you will also be required to take a non-rebreather scenario. 

EMS Practical Exam Actions

The table below details passing and/or failure of stations and action needed to pass and be eligible to sit for the cognitive examination.

If You Pass:Action Needed:
All 5 stationsProceed to Cognitive Examination Process, if not already completed
4 stations (failed 1 station)Receipt of a Review & Retrain form directly from Instructor
3 stations (failed 2 stations)Retake these two stations practical examination
2 to 0 stations (failed 3, 4 or 5 stations)Retake entire practical examination

For information regarding the skills stations at the practical examination please visit the NREMT website.

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