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How do I know if my Online AHA course is complete?

It’s very important to have your Online American Heart Association (AHA) completed before attending your skills appointment. This ensures that you’re fully prepared for your session and allows your instructor to issue your course completion certification at the end of your appointment. Learners who have not completed their online course may need to be rescheduled to a future session – all the more reason to ensure that your online course is done.

Code One’s BEACON program has two registration paths – one for learners who have completed their entire training through Code One (BEACON Complete) and a pathway for learners who have completed their online course on the American Heart Association website and are coming to Code One for their skills only (BEACON Skills). You can find which path you registered for in your registration confirmation or on Moodle.

FOR Beacon Complete Learners

The entire Online AHA course is completed online. Login to your Moodle account and click into your BEACON Complete course. Click the link to launch the Online Course and scroll to the bottom of the window that opens.

For Heartcode BLS, ACLS, or PALS courses: If the Skills Session has a blue “Start” (or if you clicked into it and it now says “Resume”), your online course is complete and you’re ready for skills. You may also look under the “Completed Activities” header for your Online Portion

Online AHA Course screenshot

For Heartsaver courses: The online platform will require you to complete a survey when you’ve finished the online modules. After the survey is completed, the certificate icon will appear red. You will also have a red “Review” icon for the course topics.

Online AHA Course screenshot

FOR Beacon SKILLS Learners

BEACON Skills learners complete their course on the Online AHA website. Code One will need their certificate uploaded so that we can validate their course completion. There is a course survey that needs to be completed after the online modules for the certificate to be produced.

To confirm course completion and check for your certificate, go to and login. Click your online course and then click where it says Certificate (below the icon).

Your certificate will download and you can upload it into your Moodle account.

To upload the certificate, login to your Moodle account and click into your BEACON Skills course. Click the link to Upload Course Certificate and follow the prompts to choose the certificate file.

Online AHA Course screenshot

If you have any questions, our Client Solutions Specialists are prepared to assist you – contact us here.

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