Taking EMT during the pandemic

How To Take An EMT Class During The Pandemic

Have you ever considered helping others and wondered what an EMT class would be like? And even more curious what it would be like during a pandemic.  Well, I’ve been an EMS instructor since 2010 and the dynamics of teaching have changed. 

Key factors when considering if it’s the right time to take an EMT class:

  • Time:  EMT classes in CT range from 150-to-200-hours.  Depending on the educational institution this may take 5 weeks or 3 months. Know your limits and availability before committing to a class. Make sure it fits your pace of learning.
  • Cost:  Classes range from $1000 to $1500 depending on the institution.  Once you’ve completed the class you will need to take the National Registry exam to become an EMT.  
  • National Registry: There are two components for the National Registry. Cognitive (written computer-based testing) and Psychomotor (hands on skills).  The cognitive exam can be done at a testing location or in a person’s home. If you’re completing it at home, you’ll need a good computer with camera and internet service.  The psychomotor part will need to be completed at a testing site such as Code One. Initial testing fees will add about $200 to the full cost if you pass everything on the first attempt.
  • Online or In-Person:  Due to COVID-19, many educational institutions have changed from all in-person classes to remote learning or a hybrid model.  Before selecting a course, you should determine if you are comfortable with learning in that way.  If it is a remote learning course, do you have a good working computer with a camera and internet.  Do you have a quiet place that allows you to focus on the course work?  If it’s in person or hybrid, are you prepared to wear a mask and be near others?

Once you have the above figured out, the next step is content and learning capabilities.  There is a lot of information you need to know to save someone’s life.  You must be able to keep up with the reading through the course and reach out for help if you have questions.  

What happens next?   

Once you’ve completed your National Registry testing you will be nationally certified as an EMT. The great news is that at the time of this article, 40 states accept NREMT!  Your certification will be valid for 2 years. During those two years you will need to complete 40 hours of Continuing Education.  

So Why Code One?

We offer hybrid training programs. With different options such as a 5-week intensive course, 9, 11 or 15-week course.  With our current hybrid model, our lectures are given via Zoom. We also offer day and evening classes so you can still work if you need to. 

Your psychomotor skills are done in small break out groups. Disinfecting is a top priority so all CDC guidenlines are met or exceeded. 

Our students train to the NREMT standard so you’ll know exactly what to expect when its time for your tests. You’ll be able to use our own online testing program that is user friendly and prepares you to take the national online exam. 

We help you through the struggles.  

We can make ADA accomodations to help make students as successful as we can during the course. If you need extra help or accomodations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you. Our knowledgeable instructors are always willing to assist.  

Once you’re certified as an EMT we also offer online programs to help you to maintain your EMT.

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