I let my EMT lapse, how can I renew it

I let my EMT lapse, how can I renew it?

In order to renew your EMT certification, we need to determine a few things first.  Are you renewing your NREMT or your state certification and how long ago did it expire?

If you expired within the last 2 years:

If your EMT certification expired with the NREMT and you still hold a current State certification, follow the following instructions from NREMT.

  • “Lapsed – If you do not complete the recertification process by your expiration date, your National EMS Certification will lapse. If your certification has lapsed within a two-year period or you are currently state licensed as an EMS provider, you can obtain National Certification by completing a state-approved Refresher course and successfully completing the cognitive and psychomotor examinations. If your EMS certification expired more than two years ago, see the eligibility requirements for re-entry.”

For EMTs or EMRs only certified through the State of Connecticut, the OEMS site states: 

  • “Provided OEMS has a current email address on file, a renewal notice will be sent six (6) months prior to the expiration of the certification and a final notice will be sent three (3) months prior to the expiration of the certification.  If the certification is not renewed within 90 days of the expiration date, the certification will expire and as a result the applicant can no longer practice as an EMS provider.  Please see reinstatement requirements.”

If your EMT certification has expired and it has been greater than 2 years, per OEMS:

  • If such EMT certification expired two or more years from the date of application for reinstatement, such person shall complete a full initial course with a minimum of 150 hours and the NREMT cognitive (written) and psychomotor (practical) examinations required for initial certification, OR
  • Holders of temporary EMT permits (see requirements for EMT Temporary Permit) may qualify for reinstatement as an EMT provided the applicant has completed an approved EMT cognitive education training program with a minimum of 40 hours prior to the expiration date of the temporary permit.

*COVID Update – In Connecticut, the Office of Emergency Medical Services and Department of Public are waiving the expiration dates until 6 months after the pandemic is declared over.  However, it is strongly encouraged to not wait until the last minute and continue to obtain your Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and EMT renewal.

NREMT Resources:

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State of CT Resources:

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