Is CT an NREMT state? Can I take my CT license to another state?

Is CT an NREMT state? Can I take my CT license to another state? Vice Versa?

All new EMT’s and EMR’s in CT are required to take the NREMT examination which includes a psychomotor exam and a cognitive exam.  When completed, this will give you both the NREMT certification as well as the State of Connecticut certification.  If you continue to reside in CT, you must maintain your NREMT in order to keep your Connecticut certification.

If you wish to leave Connecticut, your NREMT will be accepted in many states.  You should review that state’s Office of Emergency Medical Services website for details on what would be needed to transition to your new location.  Please understand, not all states accept or require NREMT.   

If you have been registered as an EMT or EMR for a while and have either let your NREMT lapse or were never certified by NREMT, you may be required to take a refresher program and meet the NREMT’s continuing education requirements as well as passing the NREMT psychomotor examination.

The NREMT website has a great list of resources with more state specific examples.

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