My Job School requires an in-person Course. Do Contactless Skills Count

My Job / School requires an in-person Course. Do Contactless Skills Count?

Code One Training Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training possible. As we are all faced with new challenges during this pandemic, Code One Training Solutions is committed to the safety of our students and our staff. When you choose us as your training provider, your safety and learning experience is our top priority. 

This pandemic has brought many challenges and restrictions to education and training. Our innovative team liaised with key leaders in the industry to make sure we are still able to provide high quality training to you and your communities.

Our latest BEACON by Code One programs allow you to complete the didactic content through a series of online modules which can be completed entirely at your own pace. Upon completion of the online content, you would schedule a contactless skill session at any one of our 25 locations along the east-coast. 

What are contactless skills?

With contactless skills sessions, you’ll still have your hands on a manikin doing the normal skills testing. However, you’ll be alone in a room instead of in a large group setting. Contactless simply means you won’t have contact with another human face to face during your skills session. 

You may be asking how does a contactless skill work exactly?

 When you register for your contactless skill session, you will be given step-by step instructions to make the process easy. Instructions include things like:

  • How to enter our secure facility
  • How to clean the manikins prior to testing 
  • And how to log into your account. 

Once you are inside the building you are greeted by an instructor through our virtual platforms. They are available during your entire session via video conference. They will assist you and monitor your performance just like they normally would during an in-person CPR course. 

The American Heart Association released guidelines for contactless skill sessions which state:

  • Feedback devices that measure the quality of compressions approved by the AHA must be used.
  •  Instructor should observe skills practice and testing via live video. The sound and camera positioning for virtual testing must be adequate for the Instructor to accurately assess high-quality CPR including feedback from the feedback device, student hand position, manikin chest rises, and other required skills elements. 

Code One Training Solution’s BEACON programs are 100 percent compliant with the American Heart Association guidelines. You can rest assured that when you choose us, your CPR certification will be fully accepted by your employer or school. 

Code One Training Solutions has state of the art resuscitation training technology. Our instructors can see your performance in real time. They constantly evaluate your skills to provide recommendations as needed to ensure you are well prepared to respond to an emergency. 

Additionally, our manikins provide advanced audio-visual feedback with graph data and other specialized tools while you are performing your skills so you are not only trained to the highest caliber possible, but also leave with the confidence to respond to a cardiac arrest. 

Want to see how BEACON works? Check out this short video


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