We asked a couple of our training sites why they enjoy working with Code One. Here is what they told us:

“We have found Code One to be a pleasure to work with. Their turnaround is very fast, and accurate. If there are issues, Code one has always been very responsive and pleasant.

They are a very competent group of folks who don’t take shortcuts. They review incoming paperwork for accuracy and want it in a timely matter so that the students do not have to wait for their cards.

However, they remain flexible in special circumstances and have assisted us in our presentation of Mass CPR for the last two years. They are a nationwide presence who are able to assist instructors and students around the country.

They have supported us for years and our staff has found them to be a great partner.

Moreover, they have supported innovative programs to continue the mission of saving lives. They do this because they care…”

“There are a lot of reasons—Duke EMS has always been extremely pleased with our interactions with Code One and grateful for the services y’all provide us. Here are a few reasons off the top of my head

Price and convenience: Code One has made it very easy to learn the necessary skills to be a highly-skilled CPR instructor through their clear instruction and their well-organized website, through which you can access reference materials and purchase needed supplies. They have always been very upfront and fair with their pricing—absolutely no curve-balls. I believe Code One’s prices and the opportunities they afford their training sites (like becoming training center faculty who can then train new CPR instructors) are absolutely unparalleled for collegiate EMS organizations.

Professionalism: Code One members are responsive to email and know exactly how to help in various circumstances. They expect high standards from their training sites but if you do make a mistake they will work alongside you and talk with you rather than respond angrily or punitively.
The people: this is the most important reason. The most important part of any business partnership is the relationship between the partners. Over the last two years trust has continued to grow between Duke EMS and Code One. Code One’s leadership team is a group of responsible, relational, approachable, and thoroughly trustworthy people. There is no overstating the importance of that. Code One’s leadership (Kori, Dave, Rich, Brian) have demonstrated over and over again their commitment to improving cardiac arrest outcomes AND their interest in helping collegiate EMTs develop professionally and personally. They will care about you as a training site and you as individuals, providing all needed support and guidance.”

-Spencer F., Duke EMS

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