04/23/2020: Webinar Series: Hemodynamics, Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion in Critical Care

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Hemodynamics, Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion in Critical Care

April 23 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST

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Description: Maintenance or prompt restoration of an oxygen supply sufficient to facilitate adequate cellular metabolism is fundamental in maintaining organ function. This is particularly relevant when metabolic needs change markedly, for example in response to major surgery or critical illness. The consequences of inadequate tissue oxygenation include wound and anastomotic breakdown, organ dysfunction, and death. However, our ability to identify those at risk and to promptly recognise and correct tissue hypoperfusion is limited.  

In this presentation Tom will discuss hemodynamics, oxygenation and tissue perfusion using a case review format.

Speaker Bio:  Tom is a practicing paramedic and EMS educator who has been involved in EMS in CT since 2007.  During that time he has worked in both career and volunteer capacities and has taught many providers.  He is also a member of the paramedic committee and is currently pursuing his MD degree.  Tom is dedicated to improving the profession of EMS and providing the highest quality of care to the patients EMS serves through advocacy and education.  

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