What CPR would a Ski Ranger need How about Ski Patrol

What CPR would a Ski Ranger need? How about Ski Patrol?

Snow capped mountains. Swooshing along powdery trails. The draw of skiing is broad. It attracts all sorts of people, at different levels of fitness. The sport requires physical exertion, and injuries are common. But other issues can occur as well. With any sports activity there is a risk of cardiac arrest. Ski Rangers and Ski Patrol must consider this important fact. If a person has a cardiac event, it’s important each knows how to respond.

Ski Ranger/Patrol CPR certification is for real-time usage in an outdoor environment. This may be in dangerous terrain. The equipment available in this scenario may be minimal.

To meet the requirements for this activity, the appropriate courses are:

Ski Rangers need the American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Course. First Aid is an optional component if desired, but not required.

Ski Patrol needs the American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Course. Ski Patrol also requires First Aid as an additional component.

The Heartsaver course provides content for CPR and AED safety and training. First Aid covers basic wound first aid, tourniquet use, and Epi Pen Administration. Students will have a chance to practice hands on skills. There are in person courses, and also classes in a virtual setting. Virtual classes offer online learning and onsite skills testing. 

Confidence in these skills can encourage faster response time in an emergency. Faster response times correspond to better survival outcomes. Keeping skills sharp can make all the difference in ski adventure safety.

Certification lasts for two years. We hope you never have to use the skills in a life or death situation. But taking the Heartsaver course can help prepare you in case you do.

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