What to Expect for Skills @ Code One

At Code One, we are committed to doing everything we can to maintain a safe and healthy facility and are relying heavily on CDC and local health department guidance in establishing safe conditions for our staff and customers. In response to the pandemic, Code One has updated its already robust infection control policy to reflect CDC and local recommendations related to COVID-19.  In addition to our updated policy, we have created solutions for our customers that are designed to maximize physical distancing and significantly minimize the possibility of exposure and transmission of infectious organisms, including the Corona virus.

The Skills @ Code One option involves scheduled contactless skills appointments for Online AHA programs such as Heartsaver, BLS Provider, ACLS Provider, and PALS Provider at Code One locations. Through careful scheduling, strict adherence to policy, and environmental updates to our offices, we maximize social distancing and limit physical interaction with other students and staff.

Upon arrival at your scheduled appointment, you will enter our facility through a designated entry/exit and don personal protective equipment.  Your Code One Instructor will meet you through video conference at a well marked and recognized skills practice and testing platform inside our facility.

Your experienced instructor will guide you through skills practice and testing on sanitized manikins through video conference. You will be wearing personal protective equipment throughout your entire time at our facility.

At the conclusion of your scheduled skills practice and testing session, your instructor will provide you with real-time instructions for disinfecting the equipment and surrounding area in accordance with CDC recommendations.  A trash receptacle is available for the disposal of any materials and hand sanitizer for use after removing any personal protective equipment before departing the facility. 

Explicit instructions that outline expectations are included in appointment confirmation emails that are provided to each student who has scheduled a Skills @ Code One appointment.

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