Where can I view the eBook for Heartcode BLS ACLS PALS courses

Where can I view the eBook for Heartcode BLS / ACLS / PALS courses?

American Heart Association (AHA) Heartcode programs for BLS, ACLS, and PALS contain a ton of valuable information in each lesson. While most of the course content can be studied through the adaptive learning modules in each program, many of our learners wish to access the course eBook to gain further insight on each topic. The AHA course eBook also serves as a great way to review information after the online portion is completed.

The great news is that the AHA eBook is included in each Heartcode program at no additional cost to the learner!

How to access the ebook for heartcode courses

To access the eBook, open your Heartcode course. Click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, then click “Provider Manual.” Scroll down within the pop-up window, and click “Open Provider Manual” below the image of the course book.

If you have already completed the online portion of your training, you can still access the course in Review mode. Launch the Heartcode course, scroll to the bottom and click the “Completed Programs” button. Lastly click “Review” next to “BLS Online Portion” to launch the course.

These same instructions work for the Heartcode ACLS and Heartcode PALS courses.

Once you’re done with the Heartcode online portion, schedule a BEACON individual skills appointment at a Code One Training Center. You’ll receive your American Heart Association certification same day. Multiple appointments are offered daily at over 30 convenient locations across the eastern US for BEACON BLS Skills, BEACON ACLS Skills, and BEACON PALS Skills.

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