Which CPR Course is best for Physical Therapists

Which CPR Course is best for Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists serve a critical role in the healthcare industry. Maintaining a valid CPR certification is an important requirement for Physical Therapists. The American Heart Association offers several CPR certification course options. This article will serve as a resource to assist you in selecting the proper course to meet your professional requirements.

Physical Therapists serve an important role and are key members of the healthcare profession. In addition to helping patients manage pain and movement from Chronic illnesses and injuries, Physical Therapists also assist patients during the rehabilitation stage from certain serious medical emergencies and conditions.

Best CPR course for Physical therapists

While there are many different CPR courses offered routinely by American Heart Association Training Centers, we recommend the Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider course for Physical Therapists.

The BLS Provider course is a Healthcare Professional CPR certification course. It is designed for Nurses, Doctors, Medical & Dental Assistants, EMS Professionals, Physical and Occupational Therapists and any other professional who serves in a patient care capacity.

During the BLS Provider course, you will learn about several important topics, and practice numerous lifesaving skills including:

  • 1 & 2 Rescuer CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants
  • Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for victims in Cardiac Arrest
  • Practice with the use of a Pocket Mask and Bag Valve Mask Barrier device
  • And learn the skills of choking relief for responsive and unresponsive victims

The BLS Provider course is offered in two formats.

Instructor Led

In the Instructor led format you will come into an American Heart Association training center and a certified Instructor will lead you through the instructive videos. You will then practice the BLS skills on approved manikins under the supervision of an instructor.

blended learning

In the blended learning option, you will learn the cognitive material through online, interactive modules. Once you complete all required modules you will schedule a skill session at a Training Center. Once you successfully complete all the required hands-on skills, you will be issued a BLS Provider certification card which is valid for two years.

While we hope you will never need to use these skills during an emergency, The need to be prepared to deploy these skills at a moments notice can not be under-stated. The American Heart Association BLS Provider course will provide you with the skills and confidence to save a life.

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