Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Setting

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I took the BLS course for recertification at code one Worcester. It was such a different experience from the course I took at a different facility in a positive way. Signing up for the course was easy and while I... read more

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I had Don for a refresher BLS, and he was great! Very friendly, easy going, and made the class fun. Totally recommend having a class with him if you get to choose. Code One staff are so... read more

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I took my EMT practical test with code one. The staff are super nice and helpful, very good at explaining the instructions. The location itself is clean spacious and easy to find. I recommend it to other EMT testers.

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Intended Audience

MEDOS is specifically designed for individuals who work in the dental office setting.  This training integrates all team members including dentists, hygienists, and office support staff.


Course Description

MEDOS is an 8 hour hybrid classroom and simulation training delivered in two sessions.  Session I introduces common medical emergencies that can occur in the dental office including mild and acute allergic reactions, altered mental status, syncope, seizures, stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest. Session II provides simulated cases for the dental office team to respond to, perform patient assessment, and manage the patient until help from EMS arrives.

Focus areas:

  • Medical emergency prevention
  • Development of an action plan
  • Recognizing a patient’s distress and management of medical emergencies
  • Emergency drugs and equipment 

This course was presented in two sessions. Session 1 was a 3 hour classroom setting with a live lecture and power point presentation. Session 2 was a 3 hour practical application of concepts from session 1 in the treatment room setting with a high fidelity manikin.

Instructor David Hiltz presented a power point slide show that covered how to manage the most likely medical emergencies that would occur in a dental office. David was well engaged with the doctors and the staff during the presentations. David’s past experience in acute medical emergency settings and his training and research background certainly added to the accuracy and timeliness of the information and to the realism of the experience.

David created teaching aids that reinforced key concepts that made it easier for the students to incorporate the key concepts into future decision-making processes. None of us will forget the value of the information in the ”big red box” and the “small red box”.

David and his associates provided logical extrapolation of the information from the classroom to the clinical setting with role playing with the hi fi manikin. Each clinical experience was followed by a debriefing so that all involved left with the feeling that they were better equipped for a potential future situation with a live patient.

Comments from our staff were positive and they felt that it was time well spent. They all feel that they have tools to help make some decisions as to what medical event they are witnessing and will have a greater degree of confidence in making treatment decisions when met with a medical emergency in the office.

Adam Kaufman, D.M.D


Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Setting (MEDOS)


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