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NREMT Psychomotor Testing

Code One is an authorized testing site for Connecticut and NREMT psychomotor (practical) examinations. Tests are routinely held at Code One East Hartford under the direction of the Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Candidates completing a repeat exam must have tested at a Connecticut center within 1 year of their exam date and need to repeat 2 or 3 stations only. Candidates needing to repeat 4, 5, or 6 stations need to complete initial testing and can register by clicking here.

Exam Fee: $30 per Station

Exam registrations cannot be modified, rescheduled, or refunded.

Victim Discounts Available

Attend a Code One practical exam as a victim and get a $10 discount off your practical exam registration.  Find out more about exam victim opportunities!

I would like to thank you for a friendly, professional testing site.  I really wish I had taken the course with you all.

Maggie F.

EMT, Westbrook, CT

Code One provides psychomotor (practical) examinations on a routine basis in the East Hartford training center. Approximately 40 candidates are tested at each examination on six required skills – medical assessment, trauma assessment, seated spinal immobilization, random (joint or long bone) immobilization, CPR/AED, and airway management. All examiners undergo training through the Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services and each exam is supervised by an OEMS Chief Examiner.

Candidates that have previously tested and need to repeat 2 or 3 stations are eligible for exam retesting. Exam results are valid for 1 year and candidates have 2 years from their course completion date to pass the practical and cognitive (written) exams. Individuals that tested greater than 1 year from the exam date but less than 2 years from their course completion date need to complete initial testing and can register by clicking here.

Candidates must arrive by 6:00 PM. Candidates arriving after 6:00 PM will NOT be admitted into the examination and will forfeit their examination fee!

Talking, outside papers such as NREMT skill sheets and notes, electronic devices, weapons, and books are not permitted in the testing or staging areas.  Please leave these items in your vehicle or at the front desk.  Code One is not responsible for items left at the examination.

What to Wear to Your Examination:  Candidates must not wear any clothing that identifies them to an organization, agency, or department (i.e. Fire Department shirts).  No hats will be permitted in the examination.  Clothing should also be appropriate for the movements and activities being performed (skirts and low cut shirts will not be permitted).  Those dressed inappropriately will be required to change attire prior to the start time of the test.

What to Bring to Your Examination:  Test candidates MUST bring one form of identification to the examination that must be current and valid, contain a photo and a signature, and be a U.S. or State official ID such as a Passport, Military ID, Driver’s License, or Official Student ID.

Any candidate that does not comply with the above rules will be dismissed from the examination and will forfeit their examination fee and test results.

Requesting Special Accommodations:  Testing Accommodations may only be provided with authorization from OEMS in advance of the examination.  Documentation supporting the need for accommodation must be supplied with the requests.  All requests for special accommodation must be made no less than ten (10) business days prior to the examination.

Exam Results:  Examination results are emailed by OEMS 3 to 5 business days following the test to your EMS-Instructor who will notify their candidates of the results.  No examination results are distributed on the day of the exam. Code One only receives the results for its students.

Candidates will be evaluated against the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Basic Level Skill Sheets.  The skill sheets can be found at:

The stations tested are:

  1. BVM Ventilation
  2. Cardiac Arrest AED
  3. Random Skill (Joint Immobilization or Long Bone Immobilization)
  4. Medical Assessment
  5. Spinal Immobilization Seated
  6. Trauma Assessment

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