Why can't I find my BEACON eCard on the AHA Website How to verify an eCard

Why can’t I find my BEACON eCard on the AHA Website? How to verify an eCard

One of the most common questions we receive after a student has completed their American Heart Association certification course is “How can I find or verify my E-Card?”. Since the American Heart Association offers a few different options for course delivery it is important to know how and where to go to verify your eCard once your course is complete.

If you complete your certification course through the instructor-Led or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) platforms, your eCard will be delivered and can be claimed directly from your E-mail address. You can also verify your eCard through the American Heart Association Website: AHA eCards verification (heart.org)


For our Beacon Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) platform, your eCard will be released immediately upon successful completion of all required skills. Your certification can be claimed directly from your Moodle Code One Dashboard at: Code One Moodle: Log in to the site (code1web.com)

Currently, BEACON released eCards are not able to be verified on the American Heart Association Website. If you need to verify your BEACON E-Card online, please access your E-Card through your Moodle Online Dashboard or visit the following website: https://certificates.rqi1stop.com/certificates/us/verify_certificate 

If you have any difficulty locating or verifying your American Heart Association BEACON eCard, Please ask your Instructor for assistance or contact one of our Customer Service Specialists.

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