How old do I have to be to learn CPR

How old do I have to be to learn CPR?

We all know kids absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge in their years of schooling leading up to age 18. Young minds have a capacity to learn and often apply what they know at a faster rate than adults.

It should come as no surprise that children as young as nine can learn the lifesaving skill of CPR. Kids may be smaller in size, and might struggle with some of the actions required to revive someone. The good news is there is still tremendous value in teaching children CPR as young as possible.

Children first learn and understand the principles and basics of the CPR process. They then grow and become stronger, and have a more successful technique. This will build the confidence required to respond in an actual emergency. Confidence in this situation is something which can be a struggle even for some adults.

Kids can learn to recognize and respond to an emergency. They can remember to call 911, check a scene for safety, assess a victim, and use an AED. All these steps can reduce the time until the person receives aid. There is no age restriction to take part in CPR training.

The best first step is to begin with a basic HeartSaver course. The course will provide knowledge and hands-on practice for children and young adults. Start learning early and return if needed while growing stronger.  The knowledge will provide a firm basis to combine with the strength needed to provide CPR. Once kids learn the method, they can gain practice and receive coaching. The next generation can become leaders in saving lives.

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