I Just Completed My Code One EMT Class, What’s Next?

I Just Completed My Code One EMT Class, What’s Next?

First of all, congratulations!  Code One is proud to maintain the highest standards for its students.  Successful completion of your class is an accomplishment to be proud of.  That puts you one step closer to your goal of working in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  But what should your next steps be?

Can I start working or volunteering yet?

Until you are licensed by the state Office of EMS (OEMS), you can’t actually treat patients as an EMT.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.  Many volunteer ambulance services would be more than happy to take you on at this point.  It’s hard to find good volunteers.  If you have any interest in helping out your local community, these services are often eager to take you in.  They’ll have you work as a third member with a fully licensed crew.  That gives you the opportunity to get some experience and be ready to be on your own as soon as you’re licensed.  Unfortunately, paid ambulance services won’t usually take you on yet.

How do I sign up for the EMT exams?

Passing the final exams for the EMT class is an important first step.  However, you’ll also need to pass another two exams, both a practical and a written.  The practical exam is run by CT OEMS and meets the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) requirements.  Sign up for this exam.  Code One hosts practical exams on Wednesday evenings at our East Hartford location.  They’re scheduled every two or three weeks.  Don’t wait to sign up because registration closes 8 days before each exam.

You also need to sign up for a written exam.  These are computer based tests from the NREMT that are run by Pearson Vue Testing Centers.  Before the end of your class, you should have created an account and application to become an EMT on the NREMT website.  Now that you’ve completed the class, Code One will let NREMT know.  You should check your account a couple of days after your course ends.  Click on “Check Application Status / ATT” to find your Authorization to Test (ATT).  That document will tell you exactly how to sign up for the written exam through Pearson Vue.

How will I get my EMT exam results?

CT OEMS sends practical exam results to instructors.  As soon as Code One receives your practical exam results, we will email you to let you know how you did and what to do next.  Practical exam results can sometimes take as much a week or more to come back from the state so be patient.  We will send them to you as soon as we have them.  Written exam results will be in your NREMT account within two days, sometimes faster.

How long do I have to get this done?

Starting from the end of your EMT class, you have two years to pass both the practical and written exam.  It does not matter which exam you complete first but both exams need to be completed within that period of time.  Even though you have this long to get things done, do not wait to take your exams.  Take the exams as soon as you can, but giving yourself a week or two for a final review before you take your written exam is fine.  Keep in mind, that the longer you wait, the more information you’re likely to forget. 

I passed my tests.  Am I done yet?

Almost!  Before your class ended, you should have set up an account on the Connecticut E-License site and created an EMT application.  This is a separate process from the NREMT and is how you will actually become licensed in CT.  Having this account and application set up already will allow CT OEMS to track your exam success.  You shouldn’t need to submit anything else. 

CT OEMS will now process your application, attach exam results, and issue your license.  After that, your account will list you as “Active” and you’ll have a complete license number.  That process can take as much as four to six weeks but there’s nothing more you need to do at this point.  Once you’re “Active”, you’re finally done.  Now it’s legal for you to work as an EMT, either in a paid role or as an official licensed member of a volunteer crew.

It can be a challenging process to become an EMT.  Rest assured, you’ve been well prepared in your class and you have people who can support you.  There is more information on the NREMT and CT OEMS websites that may be helpful if you have specific questions. 

Also, remember your instructors at Code One are always willing to help you even after your class ends.  Reach out to us if you have questions or need help.  We train hundreds of new EMTs every year and help them all through this process.  Again, congratulations on getting this far!  It may feel like there’s a lot left to do but you’re nearly there.

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