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Code One Training Blog

Code One’s Training Blog encompasses a wide variety of issues in the world of resuscitation and emergency medicine.  Articles are written by our experienced and knowledgable team of instructors and administrators.  Please feel free to share and reblog and articles that are of interest to you!

Making EMT Training Affordable

Working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is both a rewarding and challenging career. There aren't many jobs out there where you get to work outside of an office providing emergency care for your neighbors when they need it the most. Whether you are extricating...

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Hackers Have Taken Over Our Facebook Account and Facebook isn’t Helping!

This morning I got an email notification from Facebook to the tune of "Someone has Logged into your Facebook Account... was it you?" I took another swig of my coffee and then realized "No, it wasn't me!" Just then . Another message from Facebook - We've Updated Your...

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Now Hiring Teammates in Allentown, PA

We are Code One Training Solutions, a rapidly growing American Heart Association Training Center on a mission to prepare rescuers with the skills and knowledge they need to save lives. Our team of 40 professional educators bring real-life experiences into the...

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