CPR Training and COVID-19 Safety

March 2022 Update: CPR Training and COVID-19 Safety

Updated March 14, 2022

Each passing day gets us one day closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Code One, we are not letting our guard down. We continue to follow numerous precautions to keep you safe while attending our training programs.

American Heart Association Training DURING COVID-19

Most Safe: BEACON by Code One is a hybrid training option which combines the American Heart Association‘s online training portfolio with an individual skill appointment at a Code One Training Center. Our Training Rooms are equipped with video conferencing and computerized manikins which provide instant feedback on CPR skills – this allows you to be the only person in the training room for your session. Your instructor will be connected by video conference throughout your session and will guide you through skills.

All learners are instructed to disinfect equipment at the start and end of their session. Gloves and hand sanitizer are available at each location.


Safe: Instructor-led training is available at several Code One Training Centers. We have modified our instructor-led training programs to limit the number of learners per class to reduce class time and ensure safe distancing. Training has been modified so that each learner has their own manikins. Mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-mask rescue breathing is simulated. A disinfection of manikins and frequently touched surfaces is conducted before and after each class.


Emergency Medical Technician: EMT programs have fully returned to the classroom. Skill lab sessions have been modified to limit interpersonal contact and routine disinfection of equipment and frequently touched surfaces is performed. More information on EMT courses.

NREMT Recertification: Code One has partnered with Prodigy EMS to provide a high-quality and convenient solution for online NREMT recertification training at the EMR, EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic levels. EMS continuing education is completed online through Prodigy’s online learning platform with distributive (F3 – prerecorded content that can be completed anytime) and live courses (F5 – scheduled virtual instructor led training). The NREMT suspended the limit on distributive hours for EMS providers who will have certification expiring March 31, 2022 so all continuing education can be completed through on-demand training. More information here.

Practical Examinations & NREMT Testing: Connecticut practical examinations are offered routinely at our East Hartford training center. Code One has implemented staggered exam appointments to reduce candidates in staging areas, adequate spacing to promote social distancing, COVID-19 screening for candidates, and routine cleaning of equipment and frequently touched surfaces. More information here.

Other Programs

Many of our training programs, such as Medication Administration for Childcare Providers, Mental Health First Aid, and Advanced ECG & Pharmacology have been migrated to an online, virtual instructor-led format. Course format information is available on each page.

7 thoughts on “March 2022 Update: CPR Training and COVID-19 Safety”

    1. Hi Gloria, we offer ACLS training through the BEACON ACLS program, virtual instructor led courses with skills appointments, and limited in-person courses.

  1. So recert for 2021 can be 40 hrs of F3 training? I presently live in Europe and I am wondering what the live instructor class times are.

    1. Yes, NREMT renewal for certificates expiring this year can be done entirely with F3 distributive hours. The classes can be completed anytime.

      If your NREMT expires in 2022, you would need to adhere to the F3 hours limit and complete a portion of the classes with F5 live hours. Those live classes are offered daily from 10am to 6pm eastern US time.

    1. The updated Heartcode programs for ACLS, BLS, and PALS now use adaptive learning. This is now the same course whether you’re taking it for the first time or renewing your certification. With adaptive learning, you are able to answer questions to demonstrate your prior knowledge which will advance you through the course. The program takes a deeper dive into content that you’re not sure about or answer questions incorrectly. We no longer have separate initial/renewal pricing for these courses.

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