Does Virginia require CPR to obtain a teacher’s license?

Does Virginia require CPR to obtain a teacher’s license?

Since 2013 Virginia educators who are obtaining or renewing their teacher’s license are required to provide evidence of certification in first aid, CPR, and use of an AED. This training is extremely important in helping teachers recognizing medical emergencies in the classroom and providing initial care to the student (or colleague) before help arrives from the school nurse or first responders.

Virginia Department of Education (DOE) requires includes hands-on practice to obtain certification. Online-only courses are not an option, however, hybrid and fully instructor-led courses allow teachers to obtain the appropriate certification and gain valuable hands-on practice for their skills.

Which First Aid and CPR Courses Meet Virginia DOE Requirements for Teachers?

Code One’s BEACON Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED and BEACON Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED courses both meet Virginia DOE requirements for teachers. Both of these programs are hybrid courses with certification through the American Heart Association. The Heartsaver Pediatric program focuses on common injuries and illness experienced by infants and school-aged children while the regular Heartsaver course is more focused on older children (high school) and adults. Both courses result in a two year certification from the American Heart Association on successful completion.

How do I Earn CPR and First Aid Certification as a Virginia Teacher?

To obtain certification, teachers complete the didactic portion of their training online using the American Heart Association Heartsaver course and then attend an individual skills appointment at a Code One Training Center.

Code One’s Locations Tool can help identify which Training Center is closest to you:

CPR Training for Groups of Teachers

Code One also offers training for groups using our BEACON Go Kits. Learners still complete the didactic portion of their training online and then complete their skills appointment at their school using our portable training equipment and a virtually connected instructor who coaches them through skills. Group training can be requested through our BEACON Team Training form.

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