I just need to recertify, what's the process

“I just need to recertify, what’s the process?”

It’s that time again! Time to renew your provider certifications. Whether it’s BLS, ACLS, PALS, or Heartsaver, Code One offers a few ways you can recertify you American Heart Association certification. We currently provide three unique training options. BEACON, a hybrid online course with skills session, virtual instructor led class with skills session and instructor-led classroom training at select training centers.

The AHA has come out with updated guidelines, so a renewal is especially important this year! 


The most popular option is BEACON (a hybrid online course and skill session) 

Many students are told strictly not to take an online course, or are hesitant to, and that’s to be understood. We have seen advertisements for $12.95 online only CPR that gets you certified in 30 minutes and is “nationally accepted”. Those programs may teach you some skills, but most do not meet the standards of the AHA or Red Cross training programs.

As an AHA authorized training center, you can be sure our Beacon courses are American Heart Association approved blended learning courses that consist of an online course and a hands on skill session. These skill sessions need to be with a live instructor, or a voice assisted manikin that provides real time feedback. With a Code One skill session you get both! You will have a live instructor guiding you through the entire session with the computerized manikins. Read more about our Beacon program and how the session is conducted.

All of our Heartsaver, BLS, PALS, and ACLS courses can be done this way. You will complete the modules online on your own time and at your own pace. We use adaptive learning to make the course a more interactive experience for each individual student.

Once you have completed the online portion, you will come to a Code One location for the skills session. Most students find this method the quickest and most effective way to recertify. 

You can register for a Complete course that will consist of the online course and skill session. If you already completed the online course from the AHA directly and you just need a skill session, you will register for the “skills only” option. The Heartsaver and BLS the session will be booked for 30 minutes. ACLS or PALS (with or without BLS) the session will be for 1 hour. You may finish before that time, but we book to give adequate time to complete the skills and answer any questions. 

We are offering skills sessions by appointment 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm at nearly 25 locations. All Code One Training Center Locations.

Instructor Led Courses

The next option is to take an Instructor Led Course (Classroom Learning) 

With instructor-led training all lectures, tests, and skills are covered in the classroom so everything is done all at once. There is not an online course that needs to be completed beforehand, except for a Pre Course Self Assessment for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Courses. Textbooks are included in the cost and will be given out when you arrive at class. If you register in advance for ACLS/PALS then we can ship the book to you. Your Provider card is issued via email after successful completion of the class. Instructor Led Training Courses.

For Basic Life Support CPR (BLS) the renewal course is very similar to the initial course, so we don’t teach just a specific renewal class. This allows us to teach any student who may need the course. You can take the 3 ½ hour course in a classroom with a live instructor at select locations. 

For ACLS and PALS courses, we have been able to cover all the material in 1 day rather than two due to a reduction in our class sizes. So whether you are renewing or a first time student, the 8 hour ACLS or PALS course will be the one for you. Hint* If you need to renew BLS as well, when you register, there is an option to add the BLS. You will complete the modules online and have the skills covered during the ACLS or PALS class, so you can conveniently renew both certifications at the same time.

You can also click here to read an article on “How to renew ACLS Certification”

We also offer the Heartsaver courses for students not in healthcare or clinical settings. The Heartsaver classes can be divided based on what exact certifications you need. The first is the entire First Aid/ CPR/ AED course (about 5 hours), or just First Aid (3 hours) or just CPR/AED (2 hours). These classes are held about once a month at select locations. 

Virtual Instructor Led Training

The final option is Virtual Instructor Led Training (a combination of live course and skill session) 

The last option combines the classroom instructor and course with a virtual experience. These courses are held at a scheduled date and time in our virtual classroom with a live instructor. You will attend the class, take the exam online, then schedule a skills session. Unlike the Beacon online, the Virtual course is live with an instructor, rather than modules completed on your own.

Our Code One staff will be happy to help select the course that is right for you. Call, chat or email us.

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