NREMT Recertification Guide

2024 NREMT Recertification Guide

Updated September 8, 2022

Update: NREMT EMS Providers may complete all training via distributive (pre-recorded content) learning for recertification – there is no longer a limit on distributive hours.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) standardizes the recertification process for EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic credentialed EMS providers in most states. We’ve outlined the recertification process for NREMT, provided some helpful links, and answered frequently asked questions.

Information on this page was accurate at time of publishing and is regularly reviewed and updated. Always confirm the rules, regulations, and processes with your local EMS authorities. If you notice any inaccurate or out-of-date information, please let us know so we can make corrections.

NREMT Recertification Guide

NREMT certified EMS providers can follow the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) for recertification.

We’ve broken up the requirements for renewal by EMS provider level:

Guide to NREMT EMT Recertification:

  1. Complete 40 hours of CAPCE approved Continuing Education
    • National Component: 20 hours
    • State / Local Component: 10 hours
    • Individual Component: 10 hours
  2. Submit a recertification application via NREMT website

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Guide to NREMT AEMT Recertification:

  1. Complete 50 hours of CAPCE approved Continuing Education
    • National Component: 25 hours
    • State / Local Component: 12.5 hours
    • Individual Component: 12.5 hours
  2. Submit a recertification application via NREMT website

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Guide to NREMT Paramedic Recertification:

  1. Complete 60 hours of CAPCE approved Continuing Education
    • National Component: 30 hours
    • State / Local Component: 15 hours
    • Individual Component: 15 hours
  2. Submit a recertification application via NREMT website

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Accepted EMS Continuing Education

Education must be approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) or by the state EMS office to provide credit for EMS recertification.

Continuing Education hours are split into three categories – National Component, State / Local Component, and Individual Component. Each category has its own required education hours. As of August 2022, all content may be obtained using Distributive Education (pre-recorded content). The hours required for each EMS provider are listed in the above guides.

National Component: The National Component consists of prescribed hours set by the National Registry for core educational topics including Airway / Respiration / Ventilation, Cardiovascular, Trauma, Medical, and Operations.

State / Local Component: NREMT specifies training hours for each certification level in trauma, pediatric, and stroke care. Paramedics also need to complete training in cardiac care. Your local medical control or EMS agency may specify additional educational requirements to be completed in this component. Hours not specified in this component may be completed as elective courses.

Individual Component: These hours are for completion of elective courses.

Distributive vs. Live Education

This section doesn’t really matter anymore – the NREMT lifted the limits on distributive hours in August 2022. The NREMT categorizes education as F1, F2, F3, and F5 (yup, F4 doesn’t exist!)

  • F1: Live In-Person Continuing Education – In-person elective courses such as seminars, conference sessions, and hospital grand rounds.
  • F2: Live In-Person Continuing Education (Continuous / Cyclical) – In-person courses that are required for certification renewal such as CPR.
  • F3: Online Distributive Continuing Education – Pre-recorded courses that can be completed at any time. These can be written, audio, or video programs. NREMT limits the number of hours allowed for distributive content.
  • F5: Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Continuing Education – Courses that are conducted live in a virtual classroom like a webinar.

Online Recertification with Code One:

Code One offers Online NREMT Recertification courses for each level of EMS Provider:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete all of my EMS continuing education online?

Yes. Code One’s Online EMT Recertification course provides all required continuing education hours in a flexible virtual format.

Does the NREMT limit distributive education?

As of August 2022 there is no longer a limit on the hours obtained through distributive education (pre-recorded content).

If I renew my NREMT certification, do I still need to get a state certification?

EMTs need a state certification to practice. The EMT can easily submit their updated NREMT certification through the state licensing portal to obtain updated state EMT certification.

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